Elzelina Van Melle

Elzelina Van Melle, Delegate

DL Danske Landskabsarkitekter - Association of Danish Landscape Architects

DL Danske Landskabsarkitekter - Association of Danish Landscape Architects

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The Association of Danish Landscape Architects (DL) is an association of interests with influence in a number of professional organisations, ministries and grassroots associations. We actively participate in the political debate, where we work to make our work as landscape architects more visible. We create a framework for networks and activities that enhance your professional development.

We currently have about 800 members, of which 200 are students. Everyone must use the title ‘landscape architect’. But only graduated landscape architects with a membership at DL may add meddle to its title.

Members of the association fill various positions; municipal or state, project planning or in operation and management. The workplaces include private drawing rooms, administrations, cemeteries, housing companies and in teaching or research.

Danish Landscape Architects takes care of the members’ professional interests, regardless of the work of the landscape architect.

We cooperate with Landscape Architects’ Association under JA, Danish association of rachitectural firms, the Park and Nature Managers, the Association of Architects and Designers, Danish gardening entreprises, The Danish Association of Architects, The Danish Town Planning Institute and Danish Lighting Center. The collaboration contributes to an individual and shared strength, and the diversity of professionalism increases.

We are part of the joint Nordic ‘Nordic Board’; a forum for Scandinavian landscape architectural associations. Outside the Nordic region, the association participates in international cooperation with other related associations such as the International Federation of Landscape Architects EUROPE/IFLA”

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Landscape Architecture Programmes

Aarhus School of Architecture

Master in Urban Design/Landscapes
Recognised by IFLA Europe: 2014-2019

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts - School of Architecture/ Department Urbanism and Landscape

Master in Architecture and Landscape

University of Copenhagen

Bachelor in Landscape Architecture
Recognised by IFLA Europe: 2008-2013

University of Copenhagen

Master in Landscape Architecture
Recognised by IFLA Europe: 2008-2013

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