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Nikola Watté, Delegate

FFP Fédération Française du Paysage

FFP Fédération Française du Paysage

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The French Landscape Federation (FFP) is the only organisation representing the profession of landscape designer. It now has more than 650 members, almost one in three professionals. The Federation area of interest is not only the debates on the landscape but also promotion of the profession of landscape designer.

Its structure is capable of taking into account all changes in terms of qualification, training, ethics and professional conduct, development. It is structured like a professional organisation bringing together natural and legal persons.

Promotion and development of landscape as part of life

Both at national and international level, the Federation raises awareness about the specificity of the landscape and the interest of taking it into account for the community as well as the studies, projects and practices that contribute to its quality.

  • It is intended to bring together all landscape designers whether they are surveyors, project managers, project owners, managers in a representative structure or employees,

    formations, who request it, regime, tax, insurance, contracts ...), private commission, the prospection of the markets in France and abroad, administrative or institutional bodies,

- It can empower through an official jury, landscape architects, from unrecognized formations, who request it,

- It studies all questions relating to the exercise of the profession (installation, legal regime, tax, insurance, contracts ...),

- It defends the general interests of its members, in particular at the level of the public or private commission, the prospective of the markets in France and abroad

- It intervenes with the public authorities for the representation of the profession in all administrative or institutional bodies

- It provides practical information to its members and maintains links of solidarity through a network of ten regional associations

A regional, national, European and international network

The main advantage of the FFP lies in the constitution of a network that it has developed and preserved for the benefit of all regions.

  • At the regional level

The FFP brings together 10 regional associations that contribute to the national representation of the profession. These regional associations ensure that the landscape is taken into account at the level of the local authorities and constantly assist the project management in its relations with the profession (participation in competition juries for example). All FFP members are ex-officio members of their regional association.

  • On a national level

The FFP, through its Bureau in particular, is the interlocutor of the public authorities on matters relating to the professional practice of landscape designers but also on the development of regulatory texts relating to the landscape. The FFP meets regularly with representatives of the Ministries of Ecology and Sustainable Development,
Equipment, Housing and Transport, Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Rural Affairs, Culture and Tourism. of communication.

  • At the European level

The FFP is a member of IFLA EUROPE (International Federation of Landscape Architects, Europe Region). This association brings together the member countries of the Council of Europe. The main objective is the harmonization and recognition of the profession of landscape architect (landscape designer in France) by the European Commission. Through this organization, the FFP has the opportunity to increase its contacts with representatives of the 42 member countries of the Council of Europe and the 27 member countries of the European Union. Landscape students are invited to consult the websites of European partners to find internships and work in Europe. IFLA EUROPE

  • At an international level

The FFP and all its members are members of IFLA.


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