Varpu Mikola

Varpu Mikola , Delegate

MARK Suomen maisema-arkkitehtiliittory

MARK Suomen maisema-arkkitehtiliittory

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The Finnish Association of Landscape Architects is a professional and non-profit association of landscape architects which actively promotes the appreciation of Finnish landscape architecture and the professional interests of its members.

Since 1946, activities promoting the role of landscape architecture and horticulture are now focused on maintaining links with both domestic and international umbrella organizations. MARK is a member organization of the Association for the Environment, the International Landscape Architects Association (IFLA) and its European Region IFLA Europe.

The members of the Finnish Association of Landscape Architects use the abbreviation of the association Landscape Architect in their professional titles.

Landscape Architecture Programmes

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VESTRE Hunter Industries

IFLA Europe

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