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Aðalstræti 2, 2. hæð - 101 Reykjavík , Iceland

The Icelandic Landscape Architects Association (FÍLA) was founded in Reykjavik on February 24, 1978. In FÍLA there are over 80 members all over the country. Members work in a broad field of design, planning and management in both urban and rural areas. Landscape architects are experts in preserving nature and cultural landscapes, making man-made environments in urban and rural areas ecological, economical and beautiful - without compromising on natural quality.

The company’s objectives are:

- to promote the development of landscape and garden architecture;

- to work on sensible land use and development of the area;

- to safeguard the preservation of natural and cultural assets;

- to protect the interests of its members and to promote good cooperation and promotion.

Landscape Architecture is a 5-year university program that concludes with a master’s degree in recognised universities and is a regulated profession in this country. Recognised studies in landscape architecture need to apply abroad, and Icelandic landscape architects have applied for education, among other things. to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. To obtain the right to use the term landscape architect, you must apply to the Ministry of Resource and Innovation, which is seeking comment from the Icelandic Landscape Architects Association.

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