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Leor Lovinger, Delegate

ISALA - Israeli Association of Landscape Architects - האיגוד הישראלי לאדריכלי נוף

ISALA - Israeli Association of Landscape Architects - האיגוד הישראלי לאדריכלי נוף

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Izy Blank Landscape Architects, 13 Kinneret Bnei Brak, Israel, Israel

© Ronny Shapiro
© Ronny Shapiro

Israeli Association of Landscape Architects was founded in 1951 as a public, non-profit associations in order to bind and represent the Landscape Architects independent organisation, to promote the values of the profession of landscape architecture in the common good.

Association affiliated to IFLA Europe and IFLA International Federation of Landscape Architects.

Association members about 270 landscape architects, all of whom have a degree in landscape architecture.

About 100 of which are of landscape planning offices and others employed in the offices of the planning, government offices, local authorities, public organizations, academia and public institutions.

Association works to promote public space, is involved in maintaining the cultural landscape values and heritage, represents the association of statutory committees and taking part in public struggles for nature conservation and the environment and promoting confidence in the association status of landscape architects.

In order to promote these issues the association initiates conferences, seminars, tours, lectures and conferences for the advancement of knowledge and thinking in the areas of our professional world.

Landscape Architecture Programmes

University Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture - 160 ECTS

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VESTRE Hunter Industries

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