Andreja Tutundzic

Andreja Tutundzic, Delegate

UPAS - Udruženje pejzažnih arhitekata Srbije - Association of Landscape Architects of Serbia

UPAS - Udruženje pejzažnih arhitekata Srbije - Association of Landscape Architects of Serbia

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Kneza Miloša 7A/27 (2nd Floor, Office 27), Serbia

The main goal of ALA is affirmation, promotion and protection of landscape architecture as a profession in Serbia.

- Gathering and the professional and social organisation of landscape architects,i.e. professional institutions, Association members, dealing with landscape architecture, aiming at the realisation of the objectives;

- Affirmation and protection of fundamental values, interests and position of landscape architecture through the promotion of humane, scientific, art, etc. aspects of
landscape architecture in all fields of the profession, such as: protection of landscape and natural resources, environmental protection, conservation of cultural heritage and landscape spatial values, landscape planning and management, planning of recreation spaces, planning and design of urban open spaces, landscape and urban design,
development of landscape and garden culture, promotion of landscape engineering and management, affirmation of modern achievements of the profession, etc.

- Inspiring and stimulating the creativity of landscape architecture by the organisation of competitions for the ideal solutions, expositions, conferences and workshops, publishing, etc;

- Providing the conditions for the professional activities, as well as the protection of landscape architects’ copyrights, i.e. the protection and affirmation of professional interests and professional status of ALA members;

- Monitoring of rights and commitments of SALA members, especially from the aspect of the professional codex of landscape architects

- Exchange of knowledge and experience of landscape architects through the development of organised informing the members and the wider professional public, as well as the exchange of experiences with the representatives of other professions;

- Offering collegial assistance to its members, permanent care of their upgrading, and the employment of young professionals;

- Co-operation with the international organisations of landscape architects and with domestic and international Associations of the related professions;

- Organisation of participation in the preparation and passing the Laws and by-laws significant for the profession;

- Taking part in the development of professional-scientific and professional-artistic work and promotion of education in the field of landscape architecture, together with educational and scientific institutions and with the companies;

- Organisation of professional examinations in co-operation with the official state organs for issuing the certificates for landscape architects’ work;

- Registration of the activities of SALA members within the professional and social activities and awarding and recognition of the successful achievements in landscape architecture.

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