11th LE:NOTRE  Landscape Forum, Emilia Romagna, 26-30 April 2022

11th LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum, Emilia Romagna, 26-30 April 2022

The 11th Landscape Forum will be hosted by the Region Emilia Romagna and the Municipality of Rimini. Participants will focus on the nexus of climate change and sea-level rise, sustainable development, historic and ecological conservation, foodscapes and landscape infrastructure. Our case study will be the complex agglomeration of the Romagna coastline, a conurbation stretching from Riccione to the South to Ravenna, in the north. Within this challenging spatial and cultural context, the landscape forum will both address the coastal landscape of Rimini and its direct hinterland as a case study for the implementation of new models of landscape planning and management.

Why a Landscape Forum in Emilia Romagna?

The beautiful coastline of Emilia Romagna is one of Italy’s greatest environmental assets, but also a microcosm of challenges, from landscape fragmentation to sea-level
rise, heritage conservation, urban redevelopment, green infrastructure, urban sprawl, to densification, gentrification and landscape democracy, and processes of production and consumption. The landscape along the coast of Emilia Romagna offers us a window into the type of transformations required for maritime regions across Europe and the world to balance ecological, socio-cultural, economic, and environmental justice factors in the face of increased uncertainties.

Become an agent of transdisciplinary landscape transformations

We welcome an interdisciplinary audience of academics, professionals, policy makers,students, community activists and nonprofits to join us as wediscuss the landscape transformations needed to support sustainable efforts toward greater sustainability, public health, economic development, fine arts, historic preservation, communications, and many more. Addressing the wicked problems of our time requires extensive collaboration across paradigms, epistemologies, and knowledge, and a shared commitment to bridge the gap between academia and civil society to envision democratic landscape transformations across scales and geographies.

Objectives of the Landscape Forum

What makes the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum different from other European landscape events is the focus on dialogue, debate and discourse. It provides a unique opportunity to interact creatively with colleagues from a range of landscape disciplines in informal workshop and field visit settings. The aim is to create a stimulating
environment to promote the generation of ideas and projects, for teaching, research and collaboration between theory and practice. A direct forum outcome statement and a joint publication will result from the meeting, to which all participants will contribute.

Antalya, on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, was the location of the first Forum in April 2012, followed by Rome in 2013, Sarajevo 2014, Bucharest 2015, Paphos/Cyprus 2016, Freising/Munich 2017, Malta/Gozo 2018, Zagreb 2019, Bratislava 2020 and Gdansk 2021.

Landscape Forum Working Groups

Participants in the Forum will join with other attendees in working groups, each focussed on advancing knowledge and ideas that relate to a specific dimension of landscape development, in synergy with other themes. The Emilia Romagna coastal landscape represents high relevance for the forum’s four focal themes:

All themes will be explored by workshops, excursions, keynote lectures and roundtable discussions during the four main forum days.

Additional activities prior to the forum:

  • Call for posters: https://forum.ln-institute.org/get-involved/poster-competition/
  • Preparative online lectures: https://forum.ln-institute.org/lecture-series-rimini-landscape-forum
  • Doctoral Colloquium: focus on landscape research approaches (April 26)
  • Additional workshops on April 26: will be announced via the forum website

The results of the International Student Competition ‘Rimini Dancing to the Future’, working period October 2021-January 2022 will be exhibited at the forum.

Target audience

Participation in the Forum by teachers and researchers from a range of different ‘landscape-related’ disciplines as well as practitioners and civil society is central to the interdisciplinary process of discourse and mutual learning which is at its heart.

The forum addresses the following target groups:

Researchers, professionals and educators of all landscape-related disciplines. This includes landscapes that might be considered outstanding as well as everyday or degraded landscapes, according to the European Landscape Convention (2000).

Disciplines represented in past forums have included landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, architecture, geography, agriculture, forestry, political and social sciences, history and cultural sciences, tourism and economy, mobility and infrastructure planning, engineering, water engineering, nature protection and ecology.

Sectors addressed: public sector: administrations, local and regional authorities, teaching and research, non-governmental associations, and the private sector: offices and consultancies, industries and real estate

Background of the Landscape Forum and the LE:NOTRE Institute

The LE:NOTRE institute has been established under the auspices of ECLAS, the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools, as an umbrella organization for
interdisciplinary collaboration between education, research and innovative practice in the landscape field

The goal of the LE:NOTRE Institute is to develop and strengthen the links between landscape education, research and innovative practice, in the public, private and not for
profit sectors.

It aims to achieve this by furthering and facilitating communication, collaboration and cross-fertilisation of ideas on an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral basis, in order to promote the wider and deeper understanding of the cultural,environmental, social and economic role of the landscape for the benefit and well-being of society as a whole.


LE:NOTRE Institute


Full documentation, poster call and registration: http://forum.ln-institute.org

View from the coastal hinterland across the Rimini urban landscape, Photo:Prof. Dr. Nicole Pfoser
View from the coastal hinterland across the Rimini urban landscape, Photo:Prof. Dr. Nicole Pfoser

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