1st International Congress of Landscape Architects AEP - “Landscape Here and Now” 20-22 October 2021 - Call for Abstracts! - deadline 1 May 2021!

1st International Congress of Landscape Architects AEP - “Landscape Here and Now” 20-22 October 2021 - Call for Abstracts! - deadline 1 May 2021!

Within the framework of the profound environmental problems that we live and that affect our environment and the people who inhabit it, the Spanish Association of Landscape Architects (AEP) convenes the First International Congress of Landscape Architects AEP 20-22 October 2021. It is a forum for meeting, communication and debate that aims to collaborate in the collective search for answers; providing experiences and reflections carried out on the most diverse scale, from the wide territories and regions, to the parks and cities, to the domestic spheres.

From this perspective, the AEP invites its members and all professionals committed to the landscape to participate in this meeting, with no limit to the country of origin or specific academic training.


We live uncertain times. 2020 will make history as the year where we experience and suffer, all around the world, the costs of climate change and biodiversity lost, and the relationships between urban planning and humans health. During some months, we put our lives in the center and we join strengths to get ahead. We also finally understand the urgency to change the way we interact with the environment. We verified, on the ground, that science was not wrong.

We can see the consequences of the alteration of the air quality, the water cycle and the environments. Everything is connected: the health and the extinct animal species, the hunger in the world and the soil depletion, the migrations and the water war. Meanwhile a part of the world wastes resources, the other part doesn’t have the minimum to life.
The climate emergency forces developed countries to act: for social justice, for environmental ethics, for survival… We must proceed now and do it two directions. On one side, drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, on the other to regenerate forest, soils, seas and biodiversity. Taking care of other species is also taking care of ours there is no trace of doubt, and no time to lose.

Urban, agrarian and rural, coastal and natural landscapes require, today more than ever, adequate protection, planning and management, as stated in the European Landscape
Convention in 2000. More recently, the Paris Agreement and the United Nations 2030 Agenda outlined a clear roadmap to curb climate change. Mitigation and adaptation specify measures to reduce greenhouse gases, on the one hand, and to adapt our environment to new climate scenarios, on the other. The next decade will be decisive. The landscape is in the center of all eyes and landscape architects have a lot to contribute.


According to UN data, cities are home to more than 55% of the world’s population, 70% of carbon emissions are produced and this is where 828 million people live in slums. In 2050 the world population will reach 9.7 billion. All of this poses significant environmental and social challenges, especially in urban settings. In addition, they are closely linked to the abandonment of the rural area, which translates into an enormous loss of natural and cultural heritage.

Improving the quality of life of citizens requires creating healthy spaces designed by and for people. Green infrastructure, urban forests, streets and small parks, squares and gardens can meet many of these needs when nature-based solutions are applied. At the same time, the recovery of the rural world is announced as part of the solution to overcome the current eco-social crisis. Working in multidisciplinary teams in the analysis of the geographical, social and identity conditioning factors of a place is the only way to apply the most accurate project measures and decisions for each case.

Landscape architecture, an academic and project discipline with more than 120 years of history, knows well the principles that govern natural, social and cultural processes. Making natural and human dynamics compatible is inherent to the landscape architect´s work. We play with an advantage. Holistically analyze the characteristics and needs of the place, generate spaces of high environmental quality and improve the quality of life of individuals and communities, preserving the local character, are the principles that govern the best landscape architecture projects.

On the occasion of the First International Congress of Landscape Architects AEP - “Landscape Here and Now” - AEP launched Call for Papers!

Three types of work are allowed:

1. scientific communications.

2. project communications (may be accompanied by a poster)

3. posters.

The summaries of scientific or project communications must meet the criteria of the call for papers, and focus on one of the four proposed topics. Applications will be sent through this website (see bottom).

The selected communications will be presented in thematic groups on the afternoons of the 20th and 21st, and will have a maximum duration of 15 minutes. Also, a selection will be made of the academic and project communications, which will form part of the publication of the congress. The posters received will be part of an exhibition installed in the venue during the Congress.


Submitting of abstracts

The applications will be made online through a downloadable form (at the bottom). They could be academic or project abstracts. It must be specified which of the four themes of the congress it is presented: resilient landscapes, healthy landscapes, everyday landscapes, enduring landscapes.

Abstracts content:

Title: It could be accompanied by a subtitle.
Summary: between 250 and 350 words (approach, objectives and conclusions).
Keywords: 3 to 5 keywords
Images: 1 image for abstracts and posters:
Language: Spanish or English.
A resume of the CV of the author / authors will be attached: maximum 300 words / author.

Sending the full text of the accepted abstracts

Once the communication or poster has been accepted, the text and the complete poster will be sent only through this platform (see bottom).

Requirements for authors:
authors whose abstracts are selected will be invited to present their communications at the Congress. Authors must be registered in the Congress and pay the registration fee on the indicated date. The delivery of abstracts implies the acceptance of the conditions and the transfer of rights to the publication and diffusion of the works.

Content of the communications:

The complete communication must be upload following the publication rules and the proposed template (see bottom).

Scientific communications must have an extension of between 4,000 and 6,000 words and a maximum of 3 images. Project communications will have between 2,500 and 3,500 words and a maximum of 6 images. The images will be included in the body of the text and also, they will be upload independently (one file for each image) in JPG digital format with 300 pp resolution. They can be maps, plans, graphics, photos and infographics that illustrate the communication. All images sent will be free of reproduction rights, being the authors responsible for confirming it.

Communications may be sent in Spanish and English. All communications will include the title, abstract and keywords in both languages. The complete communication will be in only one of the languages.

Poster content:

A graphic composition of a 70 x 100 cm format panel with 300 pp resolution (JPG or PDF file) portrait orientation must be presented. The Congress slogan and logo will appear at the top right (see bottom).

The posters must contain short texts that summarize the referred project(s), and will be accompanied by enough images to show the projects. They can be any type of images such as maps, plans, graphics, photos, infographics, etc. The language may be Spanish or English.

The poster must include: Name of the Author / s, Title of the project, and year of preparation of the proposal / Execution (if applicable).

Once the final posters have been accepted, they must be sent mounted on 5mm foam cardboard, on the dates indicated, to the AEP headquarters: C / Gran Vía 57, 10G - Puerta 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain.

Publication of proceedings and communications

Those selected communications by the Scientific Committee and the Advisory Committee will be published in the conference proceedings. It is mandatory that the contributions are original, and that they meet the established requirements.

The selected posters will be exhibited at the venue during the congress and their adaptation to book format may be required, to be published in the Proceedings of the Congress.

Important dates:

• May 1st _ Deadline for submission of abstracts
• May 15th_ Communication of acceptance / rejection of abstracts
• July 30th_ Deadline for sending communications and posters
• October 20th-22nd_ Congress
• December 20th_ Deadline for sending revised communications for publication.


Abstracts submission (click here) Once your abstract has been accepted, download the template to complete your communication with the appropriate format.

Download template for communications (click here)

Download logo for the poster

For all further information please visit AEP Spain - 1st Congress of Landscape Architects - Call for Papers

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