2020 Pecha Kucha from AIAPP Italy “Footprints in Landscape - Liquid Footprints”

2020 Pecha Kucha from AIAPP Italy “Footprints in Landscape - Liquid Footprints”

We are talking about water usually after violent floods or periods of drought that repeatedly bring cities and agricultural areas to their knees.

Water is still an abundant commodity in Italy, but it risks running out both in terms of quantity and quality, unless effective preventive and protective actions are implemented, immediately.

Our liquid footprints, at present mostly negative, require a definite turnaround in behavior.

A management model based on the intensive exploitation of the water resource adds to the critical issues generated by global climate change, by pollution of waterways and groundwater, by excessive waterproofing of the soil and by waste.

It is fundamental and urgent to focus on an integrated and equitable management model, centered on recovery, recycling and a more rational use of the water resource.

Landscape architects have the competences to face water management issues through planning, design and the implementation of the appropriate technological and nature-based solutions such as: recycle circuits, vegetated filter areas (rain gardens, buffer strips, etc.), choice of plant species with reduced water demands, adequate irrigation systems, Phyto depuration, soil protection, use of permeable materials for paving, etc.

Landscape architects have the responsibility to contribute to raise awareness of the interactions between food, energy, poverty, environment and climate and the central role water plays in all these issues.

Extreme weather events are the new normal. We need to update the methods of facing the range of conditions from one extreme to the other and guarantee the timely application of the correct responses. A standardised protocol based on preventive actions and real time data elaboration should be apt to receive any amount of water and to distribute and use it without waste in compliance with rigorous quality standards of the water resource.

These are the liquid footprints we need to leave behind.

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Images taken from ‘Drops in the Ocean”, a video produced by AIAPP (copyright: Lucky Lake Studio)

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