2020 Pecha Kucha from ASoP Romania “Footprints in Landscape” - “Bucharest and the landscape of footprints”

2020 Pecha Kucha from ASoP Romania “Footprints in Landscape” - “Bucharest and the landscape of footprints”

Bucharest and the landscape of footprints

Bucharest is, normally, a city flooded by cars. Like every city, you’ll say. But, in 2018 we got it! We had the European record for traffic jams and the third place worldwide after Bangkok and Mexico-city) conform to Bloomberg analysis, the national television announced! Although in the same year, Romania had the lowest motorizing rate in Europe with only 332 cars for 1000 inhabitants.

We are the champions my friends! And we’ll keep on fighting till the end. We are the champions…

Bucharest has no place for people, only cars. Everybody is moving around the city and it’s moving by car. Maybe because you can’t put your feet on a sidewalk as the sidewalks are also for cars.

So, in Bucharest there is no footprints on landscape as is no foot on the ground. Just wheels. The landscape of Bucharest is the landscape of cars seen from a car. Or, at least, it was!

Covid arrived in town! Then we get grounded to stay home (reminded me my childhood). And, inherently, the cars were grounded too. The streets gone empty of cars and full of… cats. Bucharest was the realm of cats… or dogs. Cause everybody was walking around dogs… or cats

The parks and gardens were grounded too! To stay empty… So we sat outside…

The city seemed empty. Still new traces of life ware appearing everywhere around the city. Cause we started to let our footprints on the landscape. Everywhere, but mostly there where cars were kings – on the streets: Hopscotch or other games were filling the asphalt.

Badminton, football, basketball fields (hoops) or „complex” multi-functional fields were popping all around the city. A sport frenzy was taking the hole city. Bicycles, skates and other kind of wheels invaded the streets. Also, more static activities started to take place in the apparently deserted public space. Even math homework.

All of these new manners of occupying the emptied city left their traces and footprints. And those traces and footprints created a new urban landscape. One reminding my
childhood. Everything will be alright!

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