2021 General Assembly of Fédération Francaise du Paysage (FFP), 2 July 2021, Bordeaux, France!

2021 General Assembly of Fédération Francaise du Paysage (FFP), 2 July 2021, Bordeaux, France!


How to reconcile and create attachment, acceptance and acculturation between inhabitants and Nature? How to make room for the Other (the fragile, the seasonal, the wild, the unexpected) in cities where the m2 is worth gold? How to convince the inhabitants to become the guarantors of their eco-system… of the quality of their living environment?

How, finally, to respond to climate emergencies - urban warming, accelerating natural risks - in an approach of the possible and not of restrictions?

But also, what to do in town when you can’t consume? Without parks and without landscaped horizons, what can the city offer us apart from “amenities”? The latest events have revealed the lack of local parks in urban areas, territorial inequality during periods of confinement, the vital need for the physical and mental health of residents to have access to spaces in which the body and the mind can move without being subjected to the strict rules of the urban space and to the pressure of their “neighbour”.

These are all questions to which landscape architects respond, through their interdisciplinary approach and their systemic and sensitive methods, by articulating both environmental engineering solutions and spatial-cultural expectations. The landscape approach makes it possible to make short and long-term actions readable and suitable, by establishing a strong link between the inhabitant and his living environment, thanks to the story, to the work on the use, on the perception and emotion. The landscape approach poses man - inhabitant as a repository of resources and not as a simple user.

Sensitive approach to the field, consultation with stakeholders, implementation of tools and a methodology adapted to the scale of the site, our profession of Landscape Architect integrates living things into the heart of the landscape project.

A round table will discuss some of these approaches and the solutions proposed. We will talk about our common future through the project, the positive, the feasible and more specifically the following themes:

- How to restore urban and polluted soils (urban and agricultural environments)

- Today is the time to plant!

- Needs of nature in the city with the need for parks.

Programme avaialable here: ICI

Register for the General Assembly : ICI

For more information please visit FFP website https://www.f-f-p.org/event/assemble-generale-ffp-nationale/

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