2021 IFLA President Award Laureate Prof. Fritz Auweck!

2021 IFLA President Award Laureate Prof. Fritz Auweck!

At a virtual award’s ceremony on 18th August 2021, within the opening ceremony of IFLA’s World Congress 2020 taking place in George Town, Penang, Malaysia; IFLA President James Hayter announced landscape architect Fritz Auweck as the recipient of the 2021 IFLA President’s Award.

Andrea Gebhard president of Geman Federal Chamber of Architects (BAK) on behalf of IFLA President, bestowed the award to Fritz in a pre-recorded event that took place in Munich, Germany.

The IFLA President’s Award is presented by the IFLA President as recognition of an outstanding individual who, through their voluntary efforts within IFLA, have made a
fundamental difference to the global profession of landscape architecture.

Fritz has been active in IFLA since 1996. He has been the IFLA delegate of the Federal Chamber of German Architects, a member of the IFLA Executive Committee and the president of IFLA Europe, a member of IFLA’s Professional Practice Committee and, more recently, Chair of the IFLA Working Group developing a new definition of the profession of Landscape Architects. In all of these contributions we are grateful for the leadership, wisdom and organizational skills Fritz brings to IFLA, and particularly his ability to coordinate others contribution in an open, inclusive, collaborative and positive way.

Fritz’s recent contribution in leading a new definition of landscape architecture is one that will leave the global profession of landscape architects with a far-reaching legacy. The International Labour Organisation, ILO, reviews their definitions of professions every 10 years. This is an important process that also gives each profession the
opportunity to consider how it sees itself now and into the future. To achieve agreement to this definition is a major accomplishment given the interest of many different individuals and groups globally. Fritz achieved this through collaborative and inclusive way. This is his strength which has served IFLA so well.

The new definition of Landscape Architect is critical in expanding the visibility of landscape architecture in countries where landscape architecture is considered an emerging profession. It provides direction for both education and practice. Fritz’s influence has not only been in Europe, but also globally.

Fritz has given his time tirelessly and to great effect. IFLA has gained in prestige and importance under his direction to the point where the federation is considered to be the pre-eminent forum for the sharing of knowledge and community within the landscape architecture profession globally. Fritz’s dedication, his integrity and passion for landscape architecture globally is exemplary and has resulted in great benefit to the profession.

In the award presentation in Munich, Andrea Gebhard mentioned: I believe it is safe to say on behalf of all of us and also on behalf of the Association of German Landscape Architects bdla, that we are happy that the IFLA President’s Award 2021 is bestowed upon our highly appreciated member and IFLA delegate Professor Fritz Auweck. This is also a great honor for the BAK.

Throughout his long and extraordinary career in landscape architecture, Professor Auweck has been following three main interests with passion and dedication which are education, professional practice and voluntary work on behalf of the profession.

Fritz in his thanking speech expressed:

I am very honored to receive this medal and I want to thank again IFLA and all friends I could work together with in the last years. IFLA really became something like a second family and not only professional matters are important for the relation.

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