2021 Pecha Kucha from MARK Finland - Tikkurila riverside park, Finland - Everyday Landscapes!

2021 Pecha Kucha from MARK Finland - Tikkurila riverside park, Finland - Everyday Landscapes!

Tikkurila riverside park, Finland - Everyday Landscapes

In the center of Tikkurila in Vantaa, Finland, there is a paint factory. The Kerava-river was dammed and the riverside was in the factory use. The riverbank was restored as a park and a recreationalbarea, to counterbalance the urbanity of the Tikkurila center.

The starting point for the Tikkurila riverbank park plan was the partial demolition of the dam and the restoration of the riverbank to a natural state. The plan maintains a people-centered scale and forms an area where a living city encounters cultural history, and biodiversity flourishes alongside functional services. New routes connect the opposite banks of the river. Views to the river are enhanced to highlight the culturally and historically valuable buildings in the landscape.

The new routes connect the riverside better to the surrounding park areas, creating more diverse recreation area. The demolition of the dam lowered the upstream water level and freed up land areas at the waterfront for recreational use. There are The park was built as an active urban space. For example, fishing places, a picnic lawn, a new terrace by the water and a nature trail along the waterline were built in the park. Along the nature trail there are guide signs with information of the nature and cultural history of the area. The playground is nature-themed and has a miniature version of the Tikkurila riverbank area with dams and water pumps, demonstrating the flooding of the water.

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