2021 Pecha Kucha from ISALA Israel - Everyday Landscapes!

2021 Pecha Kucha from ISALA Israel - Everyday Landscapes!

We are pleased to inform you that 2021 Pecha Kucha from Israel is now online!


The Green Wall project take place on one of the main roads in Israel - road # 1, connecting Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. The route of the road today is an ancient road leading from the biblical Jaffa to Jerusalem since ancient times. The site is right before the entrance to the city of Jerusalem and it’s part of a new traffic planning.

The project was planned and designed with an emphasis on innovative and unique landscape restoration, which consists of layers that follows the gradation of the terrace hewn in the mountain and characterize the city of Jerusalem.

1. The first layer - Along the side of the road - gardening based on “Mediterranean” vegetation.

2. Second layer - The lower terrace – covering with artificial “Hami” stone style instead of natural stone (which the production harms the landscape). The stone walls characterize the traditional Jerusalem construction.

3. Third layer - above the stone terrace - a layer of vertical green wall. It is about 1,000 meters long, with an area of ​​about 3,000 square meters, and is designed at varying heights that correspond with the stone walls.

The construction is made of galvanized iron, which planters hang on it and can be easily replaced. The drainage solution of the wall is by a drainage channel and a drainage pipe that flows directly to the vegetation at the side of the road.

The wall consists 100,000 plants which are complex of 18 different species of plants with varied shades of foliage and colorful blooms that change according to the seasons. That together produce a unique appearance.

4. Fourth layer - a natural rock outcrop that leaves a mark of the Jerusalem mountains.

5. Fifth layer - an existing layer at the top of the mountain – Forest restoration and acceleration of natural regeneration, by planting trees and sowing seeds of species typical of the target ecosystem.

This green wall is one of the largest vertical green walls in the world, and we are looking forward to the flora and vegetation to grow and fill the side road like we intended…

Is it an aesthetic solution, or an ecological one? Well, it’s both…

In the section the construction and drainage solution of the wall, a Drainage channel and a drainage pipe that flows directly to the vegetation at the side of the road. The vegetation selected is local and water-efficient, colorful and varies according to the seasons. We know that Landscape Architects run long distances.

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