2021 Pecha Kucha from Poland!

2021 Pecha Kucha from Poland!

We are pleased to inform you that our first 2021 Pecha Kucha from Poland is now online!

Beaufort neighborhood, Poland – design statement Resilient landscapes

Vulnerability to climate change is especially visible at coastal sites, not only because of sea-level rise but also visible rainwater management challenge due to disturbed water precipitation, bringing sometimes too much and sometimes too little water. Rayss Group has developed landscape project at Beaufort neighbourhood that is a perfect illustration of a practical approach in landscape architecture, visible in Poland water-sensitive policy.

The neighborhood greenery in the Beaufort neighborhood is not only a decorative element but also plays a role in certain ecological processes. As a part of Ecosystem Based Solution in form of green infrastructure, constantly supplied by rainwater from the built-up surrounding, it creates a low-cost irrigation system for all plantings, enables natural water circulation and serves as additional space for water in case of flash-floods.

It gives the possibility of rainwater management from the whole neighborhood, in the form of hydrological compensation for all sealing facilities: paved driveways, parking lots or buildings.

Based on the calculation of each micro-catchment, the complementary natural compensation is possible. Maintenance of the green elements is reduced and based on what nature brings in the form of precipitation, soil and subsoil water holding capacity and capillarity.

Surface water circulation takes place flowing through rain gardens and green roofs on the garage that is intensively cultivated. Water that comes to the rain gardens penetrates only the thick layer (-30-40 cm) of fertile soil.

Rain gardens have the same infiltration coefficient as any other unsealed element. The project does not contain drainage layers and any other drainage pipes. The purpose of the project is the maximum possible rainwater retention to shorten the periods of drought in the summer, irrigating the greenery. There are no fake water devices, but a gravity irrigation system supplied by the rainwater. This is in line with contemporary pro-ecological design trends in the era of climate change as well as national strategic programs, such as the ‘Stop Drought’ program promoted by the Ministry of Climate and Environment, Poland.

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