2022 IFLA Europe Resolution ‘Bold and Beautiful Landscapes’ adopted

2022 IFLA Europe Resolution ‘BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES for the next generation Europe’ was adopted at the IFLA Europe General Assembly 14-16 October 2022 in Helsinki, Finland.

The establishment of IFLA Europe Resolutions was initiated at the IFLA Europe General assembly in Oslo in 2014 as a joint effort and cooperation between the National Association which hosts IFLA Europe General Assembly and IFLA Europe. Its objective is to reinforce our General Assembly where all delegates give their view on the current General Assembly topic.

IFLA Europe Resolution is one of our key documents which reflects our mission and vision and sets objectives for our future strategy and action. As such it can be used as a powerful tool to help in promoting landscape architecture profession and its recognition.

2022 IFLA Europe Resolution will be sent to all important stakeholders - European Union, Council of Europe, ICOMOS, UNESCO, UN-Habitat, WWF, FAO, UNEP, IUCN, UIA and other important like-minded organisations.

In order for our Resolution to reach wider audience and becomes a powerful tool of landscape architects, all IFLA Europe members - National Associations of Landscape Architecture - are kindly asked to support the Resolution at your Association level, publish it on their website and disseminate it among their members as well as other related professions, landscape architecture universities, relevant government bodies and the general public.

In order to achieve even better dissemination and give our Resolution a stronger voice, all our members are kindly asked to translate the Resolution into their respective languages and published on IFLA Europe website.

All IFLA Europe Resolutions are on our website under the section About IFLA Europe - IFLA Europe Resolution.

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