22nd Digital Landscape Architecture Conference - Call for Posters!

22nd Digital Landscape Architecture Conference - Call for Posters!

22nd Digital Landscape Architecture Conference, which will take place 26-28 May 2021, the Editors and the Editorial Board of the Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture cordially invite current students and graduates from relevant disciplines to apply by submitting original design / artwork in ‘A’ proportions (1: 1.414, 2384 px X 3370px Max., Landscape or Portrait, JPG or PNG) for exhibition in an Online Gallery, and evaluation by conference participants on the main theme of the conference “Resilient Landscape Architecture and Global Change”.

Your passion is fueled by experimental communication of your work, while exploring the boundaries of digital techniques in landscape architecture! Then Visions for the Future
Student Poster Competition provides you with the opportunity you seek!

The evaluation will be done by the conference participants online and the criteria are:

- Innovation and creativity of project described

- Complexity of project

- Layout and level of communication of poster

The DLA 2021 poster competition offers the following awards:
1st prize: 400 €
2nd prize: 300 €
3rd prize: 250 €
4 -10 non cash prizes by leading vendors.

All posters will be exhibited and documented at http://2021.dla-conference.com/

The only requirement other than size, format, deadline and legible identification is that all work must demonstrate / explore / exemplify “Digital Landscape Architecture”. Work produced for academic coursework is acceptable.

Submit at “Poster Submission” at https://www.dla-conference.com/

Submit your poster as JPG or PNG file by May 15, 2021 at the “Poster submission” link.

Authors will receive email confirmation.

Your submission allows you the cost free access to the virtual part of the DLA 2021.

Please submit a short abstract on the “making of” your poster.

Poster submissions not in specified format and dimension will be rejected; or arbitrarily clipped/reformatted.

For more information please visit

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