34th IFLA  Europe General Assembly 13-15 October 2023, Naples, Italy ‘Lost Landscapes’

34th IFLA Europe General Assembly 13-15 October 2023, Naples, Italy ‘Lost Landscapes’

More than 80 Delegates, Presidents of National Associations, officers of IFLA Europe Executive Council, members of the National Associations, members of Working Groups and Observers from 28 IFLA Europe member countries participated in the 34th IFLA Europe General Assembly which took place in Naples,13-15 October 2023.

The General Assembly followed the International Conference ‘Lost Landscapes’ organised by the Italian National Association AIAPP - Associazione Italiana Architettura del Paesaggio. The Conference addressed the issues of Lost Landscapes and we take the opportunity to thank and congratulate AIAPP President Cristina Tullio and the whole AIAPP Team for organising this fantastic event!

We had IFLA Europe Executive Council Elections:
Thomas Kerekes, OGLA Austria Delegate to IFLA Europe was elected as Vice President for Communication for a two-year term 2023-2025.
Attila Toth, SAS Slovakia Delegate to IFLA Europe was elected as IFLA Europe Vice President for Education for a two-year term 2023-2025.
Katerina Gkoltsiou, PHALA Greece, was re-elected as IFLA Europe President for her second term 2023-2025.
Didier Vancutsem, ABAJP/BVTL Belgium, was re-elected as IFLA Europe Vice President for Professional practice for his second term 2023-2025.
Congratulations to all elected ExCO members!

We had constructive discussion on IFLA Europe activities, its identity, mission and vision aligned with the objectives of EU Green Deal and UN Sustainable Development Goals and the important role that Landscape Architects have in combating climate change impact.

2022 IFLA Europe Yearbook ‘Bold and Beautiful Landscapes’ which summarises IFLA Europe activities, compiles all 2022 Pecha Kucha presentations, provides information about the Youth competition, IFLA Europe Resolution and Award, was presented and is available on IFLA Europe website/Communications/Publications.

We proclaimed the winners of 2023 IFLA Europe Landscape Architecture Student and Young Professionals’ Competition The Jury evaluated all entries based on four main criteria: - Presentation and graphical quality - Pertinence of the entry regarding the topic, - Concept development - Project innovation Demonstration of technical feasibility.

Category A: Conceptual ideas and projects – Winners: Silvia Ielmini and Giulia Scortino, members of AIAPP - Italian Association of Landscape Architecture with the entry ‘Hambach 2.0’ with a total of 80 points.
2nd place: Alexandra Souvatzi, member of Landscape Institute UK, with her entry ‘Oikos of the Pyrocene” with a total of 77 points.
3rd place: Ana Pilko and Katarina Poklukar, members of Slovenian Association of Landscape Architecture DKAS with the entry ‘Changing Corrosion’ with a total of 75 points.

Category B: Realised projects - Winners: Miguel Hernández Quintanilla and Marcos Jubierre Zapater, members of Norwegian National Association of Landscape Architecture NLA with the entry “Cale Alta” with with a total of 71points.
2nd place: Aleksandra Gierko, member of Polish National Association of Landscape Architecture SAK with the entry ‘‘Cornflowers garden’ with a total of 65 points.
People’s Choice Award goes to “Carb_Lands” with 269 reactions and 164 comments on our Facebook platform.

The winners of Category A and Category B attended IFLA Europe General Assembly and International Conference hosted by AIAPP Italy.

Our IFLA Europe Award laureate is GIAHS: Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. The objective of IFLA Europe award is to recognise the work of exceptional people and organisations that believe that our way of perceiving and understanding the world, derived from our profession, could contribute to its development. Mr Endo Yoshihide, GIAHS Coordinator at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) received it on behalf of the UN FAO GIAHS Secretariat.https://iflaeurope.eu/index.php/site/news-single/2023-ifla-europe-award-to-giahs-globally-important-agricultural-heritage-systems-un-fao

Karin Helms, past IFLA Europe President was awarded IFLA Europe Honorary Membership for her tireless efforts and dedication to the mission and objectives of IFLA Europe.

General Assembly was closed by the adoption of 2022 IFLA Europe Resolution ‘Lost Landscapes’ IFLA Europe Resolution is one of our key documents which reflects our mission and vision and sets objectives for our future strategy and action. As such it can be used as a powerful tool to help in promoting landscape architecture profession and its recognition. In order for our Resolution to reach wider audience and becomes a powerful tool of landscape architects, we ask all IFLA Europe members - National Associations of Landscape Architecture - to support the Resolution at your Association level, publish it on their website and translate into their respective languages and disseminate it among their members as well as other related professions, landscape architecture universities, relevant government bodies and the general public.

We take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to our Margarida Cancela d’Abreu, member of APAP Portugal and Vice President for Education for being long-committed and long-devoted member of IFLA Europe Executive Council, Working Groups and IFLA Europe.

Margarida’s contribution to IFLA Europe and the promotion of educational standards in landscape architecture over the past 20 years, as APAP Delegate, member of School
Recognition Panel and Vice President for Education was always aimed at raising the profile of the profession of landscape architecture, promoting and insisting on excellence in landscape architecture education, working with ELASA and future landscape architects, ECLAS, NELA and other important IFLA Europe initiatives and policies, always working to the best interest of IFLA Europe.

We also take the opportunity to thank and say goodbye to the Delegates Uta Zorzi Muhlmann, AIAPP Italy, Karl Grim, OGLA Austria and Teele Nigola, EMAL Estonia.

We would like to thank our sponsors HUNTER Industries, VESTRE, Green Blue Urban and ASUNI SOFT Lands Design for their support this year! We are looking forward to developing projects together and create better and more sustainable future!

Daniela Micanovic-Franckx, IFLA Europe Executive Secretary

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