4th Mihály Mőcsényi Conference and Workshop on Garden Art and Garden History 5-7 October 2023, Fertőd-Eszterháza, Esterházy Palace Marionette Theatre and Orangerie

4th Mihály Mőcsényi Conference and Workshop on Garden Art and Garden History 5-7 October 2023, Fertőd-Eszterháza, Esterházy Palace Marionette Theatre and Orangerie

Water will be in the focus in Fertőd

The Hungarian Garden Heritage Foundation is glad to announce that the fourth edition of the Mihály Mőcsényi Conference and Workshop on Garden History and Garden Art will be held, this year with the theme “Garden Heritage and the Water Element”. This time again, the Esterházy Palace in Fertőd will be the venue for the exchange of ideas. It is worth marking 5 and 6 October in your diary now, as prominent representatives in landscape architecture and garden heritage will share their knowledge and experience.

4th Mihály Mőcsényi Conference and Workshop on Garden Art and Garden History

“Garden heritage and the water element”

Date: 5-6-7 October 2023, Thu-Fri-Sat
Venue: Fertőd-Eszterháza, Esterházy Palace Marionette Theatre and Orangerie


  • Hungarian Garden Heritage Foundation,
  • Eszterháza Cultural, Research and Festival Centre,
  • National Heritage Protection and Development Non-profit Ltd.,
  • Hungarian Association of Landscape Architects
  • Haydneum
  • Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences,
  • Institute of Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Garden Art,
  • ICOMOS Hungary
  • European Route of Historic Gardens



Thursday, 5 October
8.45-9.30 Registration at the Marionette Theatre
9.30-10.15 Welcoming Speeches
10.15-10.30 Book launch – launch of the conference proceeding ‘Garden Art and Music’
10.30-11.00 Coffee break (Orangerie)
11.20-12.50 Presentations:

- Ágnes Herczeg landscape architect, garden historian, president of the Hungarian Garden Heritage Foundation, academician of the MMA (Hungarian Academy of Arts)
- Daniella Malnar (Versailles)
- Laura Medcalf: presentation of images made with water

12.50-13.10 Exhibition opening, Laura Medcalf’s works (Orangerie)
13.10-14.20 Lunch (Orangerie)
14.30-17.20 Presentations:
- Andrea Bruciati (Italy), Director of Villa d’Este and Villa Hadrian (Tivoli)
- Károly Bugár-Mészáros architect, Pro Architectura award-winning monument conservationist and architectural historian
- Iryna Denysko (Uman, Ukraine), Senior Researcher at Sofiyivka Park
- Terézia Anna Bardi, art historian
17.20-17.50 Coffee break (Orangerie)
17.50-19.00 Guided garden walk

Friday, 6 October
morning: organised garden and museum educational activities for school groups
8.45-9.15 Registration, Marionette Theatre
9.30-10.00 Festive rose planting – Rose Garden
10.15-10.40 Coffee break (Orangerie)
10.50-13.00 Presentations:
- Dr EL-Saady Badawy (Egypt), Professor of Ornamental Plants & Garden Landscaping, Cairo University
- Rahnama Azadeh (Hungary), landscape architect
- Paola Viola (Italy), in charge of the monument utilization at the Reggia di Caserta park
13.00-14.00 Lunch (Orangerie)
14.00-16.00 Presentations:
- Giorgio Galletti (Italy), Professor of Garden History at the University of Florence
- Albert Fekete, director of the Institute of Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Ornamental Horticulture of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
- Ádám Bittsánszky, water management researcher, water law expert
16.00-16.30 Coffee break (Orangerie)
16.30-17.50 Presentations:
- Balázs Rigó, historian, Deputy Mayor of Tata
- Martin van den Toorn (The Netherlands), Professor at TU Delft, permanent visiting professor at the Versailles and MATE Budapest courses in landscape architecture
17.50-18.00 Conference Closing
18.00-18.30 Break
18.30-19.10 Concert (Apollo Hall)

Saturday, 7 October
Public programme:

Orangerie: Exhibition of Laura Medcalf
Family Day – organized by Eszterháza

For more details, please visit https://www.magyarkertorokseg.hu/en/iv-mocsenyi-mihaly-kerttorteneti-es-kertmuveszeti-konferencia-es-muhely/


A horticultural engineer, landscape architect and university professor, MIHÁLY MÖCSÉNYI was born in 1919 in Möcsény. He was a pioneer in the education of landscape planning and landscape planning in Hungary and was the founder of the independent Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Protection and Development.

Thanks to his versatile knowledge, he has gained international recognition for his work. In the 1970s, he was a member and then Vice President of International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). In 1984, he organised the IFLA’s World Congress in Hungary and in 1986 he was elected President of IFLA. He received the highest Hungarian government honour, the Kossuth and Széchenyi awards as well as the most prestigious world recognition in landscape architecture the Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award.

One of his passions was Eszterháza – he researched this baroque castle, garden and landscape complex for seventy years. He summarised the results in his book ‘Eszterháza in White and Black” which was published in 1998. In 2016, the Eszterháza Cultural, Research and Festival Centre Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd. Published his second book entitled “The Epochs of Eszterháza” in Hungarian, German, English and French.

Möcsényi died on 14 September 2017 at the age of 97, in Balatongyörök just before his book launch.

Eszterháza palace, park and landscape complex

“What the emperor cando, I can do too!” In the spirit of this idea, Prince Miklos “Fényes” Eszterházy built Hungary’s largest and most luxurious ensemble of Baroque-Rococo castles and gardens in the wildlife-rich region of Lake Neusiedl. From 1762 until his death in 1790, the prince was continuously creating his residence, worthy of any royal courts. The large-scale ensemble, using the former renaissance hunting lodge and hunter of the Kanizsa and then Nadasdy families. The castle construction to its present form begain in 1720 by Jozsef Eszterhazy and it was finished between 1762-1784 in baroque, rococo and Zopfstil style. Grandiose celebrations were part of everyday life in the court. Jofeph Haydn lived and composed here for 29 years as a court musician for Miklos Eszterhazy Fényes. In addition to the high-ranking families of the period, Empress Maria Theresa was one of the many highly esteemed guests visited here.

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