4th SmartBlueCity Euro-Mediterranean Conference, 9-10 October 2020, Athens - Greece

4th SmartBlueCity Euro-Mediterranean Conference, 9-10 October 2020, Athens - Greece

“VISIONING MED 2020+ Mediterranean in Transition: Preserving the Past - Preparing for the Future”

The event for cities and islands in the Mediterranean region

Learn about the challenges of smart and blue growth by listening to selected speakers.

Our planet is nowadays confronted with major challenges, such as the severe climate change impacts, the escalating urbanization rates, the loss of biodiversity, the intensifying resource scarcity, the upsurge in migratory flows, the current health crisis and its unpredictable human and economic losses, to name a few.

The Mediterranean Region constitutes a hot spot in most of the aforementioned respects, with unpredictable repercussions with regard to its future sustainability perspective. Undesirable trends and related risks call for trend-breaking endeavors targeting sustainability, i.e. decrease of the ecological footprint of the Mediterranean settlements, reverse of economic recession and pursuance of resilient, livable, healthy and prosperous MED localities for the current and future generations.

But how can this be accomplished within a decision environment that is currently characterized by critical threats and risks; and is primarily associated with Climate Change (CC) and its remarkable and aggravating climate-related vulnerabilities of the Mediterranean land and maritime spatial entities?

How can the impacts of the rapidly escalating urbanization, especially of the coastal Mediterranean part; the political instability and tensions due to conflicting geopolitical interests; the migration surge and population redistribution as well as the respective huge burden exerted on insular communities; the severe biodiversity loss, further deteriorating owing to the CC impacts; the economic recession and respective rates of unemployment be handled in an effective and efficient way? ​

How well prepared are we for coping with disastrous health events such as COVID-19?

How can the objectives of smart, sustainable, safe, resilient and carbon-neutral cities and communities in the Mediterranean be best served?

Or stated differently, how can the Mediterranean Region preserve its precious, multidimensional and multicultural past and render this the “vehicle” for envisioning a fruitful, prosperous, healthy and safe for its population future and getting prepared for this to happen?

The above issues lie at the heart of the 4th SmartBlueCity Conference to be held in Athens, Greece, October 9-10, 2020.

The main goal of the 4th SmartBlueCity Conference-Exhibition is to continue the efforts of the Smart Cities Mediterranean Cluster for: strengthening inter- and cross- disciplinary interaction among various actors (policy makers, stakeholders and citizens communities, scientists, etc.) around common objectives, research topics and policy concerns; and gathering glocal (global-local) intelligence in order to best inform policy decisions towards smart, sustainable, resilient, safe and carbon-neutral futures of the Mediterranean territories.

For more information, visit their website.

Register URL: https://www.smartbluecity.com/register

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