5 June - World Environment Day - TIME FOR NATURE!

5 June - World Environment Day - TIME FOR NATURE!

The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, many of the medicines that save our lives and the climate that make our planet inhabitable, all come from nature. We are more reliant on nature’s interconnected web and delicate balance than we can ever imagine.Life on earth would not be possible without nature’s services.Yet, these are exceptional times.

At this very moment, a contagion is causing loss of lives and livelihoods; forcing humanity to a stand-still. Bushfires are ablaze, driving pollution, threatening global food security. Species loss is accelerating. Climate change is intensifying.Glacial ice is melting while acidification threatens the ocean’s productivity. Locust invasions are bringing our harvests to the ground.

Nature is sending us a message: to care for ourselves we must care for nature.It’s time to wake up. To take notice.

This World Environment Day, It’s Time for Nature.It will take not just one, not just a village, but an entire global community to change this trajectory.

As INDIVIDUALS, to rethink what we buy and use.

As the PRIVATE SECTOR, to adopt environmentally sustainable business models.

As the AGRICULTURAL SECTOR, to do no harm to nature.

As the PUBLIC SECTOR, to account for the environment in supply chains and financing.As GOVERNMENTS, to safeguard remaining wild spaces.

As YOUTH, to become committed gatekeepers of a green future.

As a COLLECTIVE, to put nature at the heart of decision making. It will take all of us!

For more information about the events, please visit https://www.worldenvironmentday.global/

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