In Memoriam Ariane Delilez

In Memoriam Ariane Delilez

Pour Ariane

La rose blanche, d’une pureté absolue.
Le lisianthus, symbole de gratitude.
L’alstroemeria, souvenir du temps passé ensemble

The Executive Council, the delegates, members, colleagues and friends of the European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architects - IFLA Europe, would like to send their deepest condolences to the family and friends of Ariane Delilez.

Ariane, former Executive Director of the French Landscape Federation, actively involved with EFLA and then IFLA EUROPE for some twenty years, has become part of our own landscape. One does not have to be a landscape architect to know how to live, share and work together to build our territory. Those of us who have been lucky enough to enjoy the years of time-sharing, collaborating in working groups, such as the Med_net, and in our General Assemblies, we will always remember her and her ‘comme il faut’ manners, her conviviality, confidence, professionalism and devotion to the Landscape Architecture Profession and IFLA Europe.

We will deeply miss our sensitive, sensible, and good-humoured companion.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

IFLA Europe

“There are nice people and also very nice people … and then there are people like Ariane.

Special people. Ariane was a special person in an absolutely non-spectacular way. She had a quiet, calm way of being, never a loud voicing, no hash words, no strong judgements. She would never throw her opinions at you, or trying to take the floor. If asked she’d give her view, and would never trade a lie if she thought you were wrong, but she would say it in a matter-of-fact way that could not offend. There were always question marks behind her words, possibilities instead of certainties, ifs and maybes. What a fantastic counselor she has been especially in the last adventure we shared, the Med_net working group, where she was my polar star and my good fairy … I really don’t know how I will manage without her sharp intelligence, profound comprehension and great ability to read people combined with a deep understanding of the human nature.
That was Ariane at work …

I met Ariane nearly 30 years ago, we were both young and at the beginning of our relationship with landscape architecture and enthusiastic about it. It was an immediate click; it took something like five minutes to recognize each other as kindred spirits. In all these years whenever we met it was just like we had seen each other the day before, never a sense of strangeness or unease. We always found a laughter to share - she had that spark in her eyes that heralded complicity and we just shared our stories and shrugged off the problems.
This was our friendship.”

Uta Zorzi Mühlmann,
On behalf of IFLA Europe Med_net group

IFLA Europe
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