AEP Spain General Assembly - new Board of Directors

AEP Spain General Assembly - new Board of Directors

Last Friday, December 15 2023, AEP Spain held the Ordinary General Assembly, in which the management of the AEP was approved, and the new Board of Directors was presented.

José Luis Romeu, after more than four years as President of the AEP, with the completion of commendable work, applauded and recognized by attendees and non-attendees, handed over the position to Iñaki Viñuela, incoming President.

The new Board of Directors, with great experience as members of the outgoing Board, will continue the work carried out, and as they explained, they will work on new and promising challenges, for the benefit of all. Likewise, the new board confirmed that Manuel Sánchez will continue to be the international delegate for the coming years.

Very happy New Year to all, friends and colleagues of IFLA Europe, on behalf of the Spanish Association of Landscape Architects.

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