Africa Journal of Landscape Architecture (AJLA) Journal 03 is out - Edible Landscapes

Africa Journal of Landscape Architecture (AJLA) Journal 03 is out - Edible Landscapes

Africa Journal of Landscape Architecture (AJLA)

ISSUE 03 MAY 2022 is out!

Edible Landscapes

No one need go hungry in Africa. Traditionally people grew their own food in rural areas, but with urbanisation and specialisation of work, much of this knowledge has been lost. There has been a flickering renaissance in the form of permaculture and urban agriculture, but a lot more needs to be done, particularly in the face of climate change, where extended droughts can ravage the landscape and cause widespread famine. AJLA invited the submission of articles related to this topic, particularly on the role that landscape architects can, and have, played in creating ‘edible landscapes’.

Articles in this Issue

Planning for Resilient, Nourishing, and Generative African Urban Landscapes
Gareth Haysom

Urban Agriculture Design Principles for Enhancing Sustainability
Bryan McPherson and Dr Karen Landman, University of Guelph, Canada,

Regenerative Agriculture: Food Security in Africa
Tanja Udovc

Designing Capacity for Future Food Networks
Dr Jan Hugo

The Integration of Edible Landscaping into City Planning
Dominique Breetzke

Traditional African Vegetables: Living Walls
Karen Botes

The Edible Wadden Coast: A Dynamic Food Landscape
Gerwin de Vries
Jonas Papenborg
David de Boer
Tim den Duif

Permaculture as a Tool for the Revitalisation of Odeda Farm, Nigeria
Oluwole Ogunsajo
Olatunji Adejumo

STEPS: Organic Farming in Transitional Housing
Vicky C. W. Kong

Le Paysage Agricole en Al-Andalus
Inés Eléxpuru

Cas du Jardin Pédagogique de l’Ecole Nationale d’Agriculture, Maroc
Aziza Irhza

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Call for Submissions for AJLA Issue 04 entitled: Indigenous Knowledge Landscapes

The theme for the 4th issue, AJLA: 04 is ‘Indigenous Knowledge Landscapes’. The issue is planned for October 2022 and authors are invited to submit
abstracts by 12 August 2022 and full articles by 15 September 2022.

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