‹anthos.Essen› 3rd edition of Swiss Landscape Architecture Yearbook published

‹anthos.Essen› 3rd edition of Swiss Landscape Architecture Yearbook published

Since 2020, the Association of Swiss Landscape Architects (BSLA) has been publishing a yearbook that aims to be much more than navel-gazing. It is a thematic volume of texts and images that continuously discusses current issues in landscape architecture in German and French. The thematic section is supplemented by an image-rich ‘Best of’ from recent years. This year, the Swiss photographer and artist Georg Aerni could be won for the photo spread.

The third edition of the Swiss Landscape Architecture Yearbook has now been published. ‹anthos.Essen› is dedicated to the relationship between landscape design and food production. The authors visit classic and new types of farms, discuss the relationship between agricultural policy and landscape design in times of climate change and new nutritional trends, and ask what role landscape architecture can play in this.

‘Anthos’ is the most important showcase for Swiss landscape architecture. The yearbook of the Federation of Swiss Landscape Architects (BSLA) is a German/French volume of texts, supplemented by a ‘Best of’ of Swiss landscape architecture.

The following 15 projects are presented in ‹anthos.Essen› in pictures, plans and text:

– A city on the water, Mendrisio (Atelier Descombes Rampini, Lin. Robbe. Seiler)
– Parc des Vorziers, Martigny (passage)
– Open space settlement Reitmen, Schlieren (Raderschallpartner)
– River Park Saleggi-Boschetti, pilot project section Saleggi, Bellinzona (Officina del Paesaggio)
– Urban development concept STEK, Uster (SKK, Yellow Z, Zimraum, EBP, ASA)
– Science Park Technorama, Winterthur (cancer and herd)
– Public spaces around Eaux-Vives train station, Geneva (MSV)
– Nature and adventure pond, Reinach (Berchtold Lenzin)
– Elinor-Ostrom-Park, Vienna (Hager Partner)
– Auwis Landscape Park, Zurich (S2L)
– Greening of the south facade of the Triemli City Hospital high-rise, Zurich (Raderschallpartner)
– Upgrading the Bümpliz pedestrian zone, Bern (Müller Wildbolz Partner)
– Freiraum housing estate Im Stückler, Zurich (André Schmid)
– Open space housing development Maiengasse, Basel (André Schmid)
– Upgrading Stocklen, Fällanden (Fritschi)

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