APAP Portugal marks International Landscape Day 20 October

APAP Portugal marks International Landscape Day 20 October

The 20th of October is celebrated by the Council of Europe and by all the signatories of the European Landscape Convention.

It is a date that evokes the need to focus the landscape on political decisions, on our daily lives, on our objectives, thinking about its management, in a context of strong humanization, where the relationship with nature is essential these day, namely for the teaching it brings us.

During the current year, APAP has celebrated, in an extended cycle of events, the 80th anniversary of the teaching of landscape architecture, celebrating the first generation of Landscape Architects, and the centenary of the birth of Prof Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles, integrating in this calendar the International Day of Landscape.

Commemorating this day, and in the wake of the launch of the 3rd edition of the Tree in Portugal, APAP is pleased to launch, together with the Landscape Museum, the
youth book Buscas uma Árvore – How to discover the main species in Portugal, by Maria Manuel Pedrosa and illustrated by Madalena Matoso.

The proximity of the theme by these authors, made possible a unique work, transposing the world of trees to childhood, through a graphic and narrative universe, which we believe will become an essential piece in the decoding of the world of trees and a more comprehensive communication with the nature. The launch took place at the Municipal Library of Palácio Galveias. João Ceregeiro, APAP President

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