Auböck and Karasz Landscape Architects win Hans-Hollein Art Prize for Architecture 2023

Auböck and Karasz Landscape Architects win Hans-Hollein Art Prize for Architecture 2023

For the first time, the Hans-Hollein Art Prize for Architecture has been awarded to a Landscape Architecture firm.

The fact that the studio Auböck + Kárász has been awarded is a clear statement from the judges regarding the importance of the discipline and high quality that Auböck+Kárásász create. OGLA Austria warmly congratulates Maria Auböck, its Vice President and János Kárász on this well-deserved award!

Here’s the jury evaluation:

“With the awarding of the Austrian Hans-Hollein Art Prize for Architecture 2023 to Auböck + Kárász Landscape Architects, an opening of the prize will take place in the direction of landscape and urban planning. In the context of the climate crisis, architecture faces the challenge of creating quality spaces for humans and nature and opening up new forms of dialogue between them. With great design precision, Auböck + Kárász enrich urban development with ecological questions, thereby broadening the design and action horizons of architecture.

The projective use of their in-depth historical knowledge brings existing and future urban structures into a bright future. Highlighted is the decades-long continuous commitment to dealing with the architectural and landscape architectural heritage, as well as the commitment and contributions to current discourses, whether in teaching or within the framework of the ZV - Central Association for Architects.

Maria Auböck and János Kárász stand for a sovereign, far-sighted and theoretically based practice. Tasks are rethought, contexts are accurately analyzed, projects are seen as development processes, change is allowed.”

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