BALTIC SEA REGION LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE GROUP session “Urban Open Space for Developing Democracy in a Civil Society”, Friday 20 May 2022, 14.00-17.50 EET (13.00 - 16.50 CET)

BALTIC SEA REGION LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE GROUP session “Urban Open Space for Developing Democracy in a Civil Society”, Friday 20 May 2022, 14.00-17.50 EET (13.00 - 16.50 CET)

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Baltic Sea Region Landscape Architecture Group, consisting of Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Polish National Associations of Landscape Architecture (Suomen Maisema-arkkitehtiliitto MARK Eesti Maastikuarhitektide Liit / Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union Lietuvos kraštovaizdžio architektų sąjunga Latvijas Ainavu arhitektu asociācija Stowarzyszenie Architektury Krajobrazu) is organising a session Continuous Professional Development in Landscape Architecture session - Urban Open Space for Developing Democracy in a Civil Society on Friday May 20, 2022 14.00 – 17.50 EET (13.00 – 16.50 CET

Ksenia Nichols Ksenia was born in very small town in West Ukraine — Ivano-Frankivsk. As a girl she dreamt of leaving the small provincial town. Still, she got a diploma at the Precarpathian National University in Ivano-Frankivsk at 2000, as a specialist of art and drawing (5 years of studies) to become a lecturer at the university. Instead of that, she had three different jobs before she came back to design. It started in an advertising company “A-group” in Kyiv. From that company she moved to a business of

decorative stones for landscape design (making lakes, waterfalls, etc.) Their designer taught her, and they started to work together in landscape design. One day she introduced herself to a large landscape design company “LD-group” in Kyiv. She told them that she had a dream to work with them and got hired. She finds this period to be the best of her professional career. She started as a technical assistant, then did designing in small projects, which through years grew into bigger ones (2007-2015). There was always something new, visits to seminars, observing projects of famous designers from all over the world etc. She has been a student of other great designers, with whom she has been blessed to work. She mostly loves nature gardens, meadow gardens, more sustainable ones. Still, in her portfolio are enough gardens, which must be maintained every week, with the help of a team of gardeners.

Teele Nigola is a landscape architect and spatial planner in engineering company Kobras AS. She completed her studies on the master level in 2014 and gained Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture in 2007. She was a board member of the Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union from 2011 until 2017 and the delegate for International Federation of Landscape Architects from 2014 until now. In the recent years she has been active in consulting different local governments concerning the process of general planning. Contact:

Tristan Siebert Thesis in progress (since 2018): within the research unit AMUP / EA 7309, awaiting defense, on territorial prospective issues related to the future of commercial areas, in connection with mobility projects (REM project). Studies: Master’s degree in the urban planning cycle of Sciences Po Paris (2016-2017): Specialization Complex project management and real estate development. Study project on the economic impact onnthe station sites of the Grand-Paris. Graduated from ENSAS in 2016. Professional activities: CAUE 67-ENSAS (Since 2019): Territorial studies officer in foresight. Prospective studies. Cases studies on the Greater Strasbourg area, focusing on the major urban projects. Preliminary studies of the IBA GR32, in collaboration with the Parc Naturel des Vosges du Nord and the Pôle Région Architecture (consulting activity). SEM SORGEM (from 2017 to 2018): Junior operations manager

Miłosz Zieliński Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at Cracow University of Technology majoring in Landscape Architecture as well as Architecture and Urban
Design. Faculty staff member of the Cracow University of Technology Chamber of Landscape Architecture. Member of the Polish Landscape Architects Association
and Association of Landscape Architecture – Poland. Prizewinner in architectural-landscaping competitions. His main interests are the issues of broadly understood creation in public spaces, cultural foundations of landscaping and cityscape architecture.

Lilita Sproģe is a landscape architect of Ventspils Municipality, researcher (Dr arch in landscape architecture), member of board of Latvian Association of Landscape Architects LAAA Professional interests include research for public open space landscape quality valuation, inventory, landscape management, planning,
and governance. Studying economics at Ventspils University of Applied Sciences.

Varpu Mikola holds a master’s degree in landscape architecture from Helsinki University of Technology (2009). After graduation, she gained professional experience in private sector designing urban and residential green areas as well as working with landscape planning and planning policies. In Aalto University, she worked as a university
teacher in the field of landscape planning and landscape management. In 2015, she co-founded Nomaji Landscape Architects with three colleagues. The office is a forerunner in socially and ecologically responsible solutions with endeavour to make benefits of living infrastructure recognized.

Gintaras Stauskis is architect and urban designer, professional interest in detail planning, design of residential and public environment. Professor at the Department of Urban Design, Vilnius Tech. Scientific interest: humanisation of urban open spaces, green building, innovative methods in participatory planning. Head of doctoral committee for Arts and Humanities at Vilnius Tech. Head of landscape architecture study programme at Vilnius Tech. Since 2020 - president of the Lithuanian Association
of Landscape Architects. Running EU and national research projects, one of which – InnoLAND aims at creating the Common Training Framework for landscape architects in the European Union. Founding member and Board member of the Lithuanian Green Building Council.

Make sure the session is a success:

Participation is free of charge for the registered participants

Make sure your internet connection is strong enough and stable

Make sure to have a quiet place, dedicate the adequate time

National associations will issue certificates to the participants who actively take part in the event. The event language is English

National contacts for CPD training in the Baltic Sea Region countries:

Przemysław Kowalski in Poland

Teele Nigola in Estonia

Indra Purs in Latvia

Gintaras Stauskis in Lithuania

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