Booklet on selected works by Landscape Architect BRANKA ANIČIĆ

Booklet on selected works by Landscape Architect BRANKA ANIČIĆ

While never putting herself to the front, it became rapidly clear to me that this woman has played a key role in the development of landscape architecture in Croatia both professionally and academically.“ Prof. Martin van den Toorn

During the World Landscape Architecture Month, a clip from the rich opus of Professor Emerita Branka Aničić is presented.Throughout her entire working life she has simultaneously designed, studied and taught landscape architecture with equal passion.She studied at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb at a time when the profession of landscape architect was not yet being mentioned in our country and very quickly, under the mentorship of Zvonimir Kani (civil engineering and architectural office “Hidroprojekt”, Zagreb) she became an exceptional designer.

Since 1986 she has worked at the Department of Ornamental
Plants, Landscape Architecture and Garden Art, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, where she built an academic career, and, more importantly, founded the School of Landscape Architecture, the only comprehensive five-year interdisciplinary and inter-faculty school in this field in Croatia. She was the head of the School and the Department and was participating in the life of the Faculty at the same time.

Concurrently she found the
time and energy for activities related with establishing of the then little-known profession - participated in the founding and work of the Croatian Society of Landscape Architects and the Croatian Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers (now the Croatian Chamber of Architects), but was also active in the local and national administrative bodies.

School of Landscape Architecture
was founded in the academic year 1996/1997 with the support of the Ministry of Construction and Environmental Protection and with the participation of six faculties of the University of Zagreb and with a significant contribution of the School of Landscape Architecture at the Biotechnical Faculty University of Ljubljana,especially professors Janez Marušič and Dušan Ogrin.

It is precisely the collaboration with prof. Ogrin that marked a large part
of Branka Aničić’s design opus. She continuously involved her former students and students at the time in professional work and in that way practically educated them and created a base of professionals who later became designers and/or teachers at the School.

During her career, she collaborated with numerous Croatian architects and urban planners, but also on her own or in collaboration with colleagues from her profession addressed topics immanent to landscape architecture, architecture and urbanism, boldly confronting her ideas and understanding of open space with professionals from other related fields.She successfully participated in several public and invitational design competitions and won one first, two second prizes and one redemption.She exhibited her group or individual projects at about twenty exhibitions and at three Architecture Salons.

Also, she participated in the organization of a large number of student and professional exhibitions and conferences, out of which the international conference – ECLAS Dubrovnik 2000 (European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools) should be singled out. In 2017, she received a recognition for the establishment and development of the Croatian Society of Landscape Architects.

At the annual ECLAS conference in Ghent (Belgium) in 2018,
at the proposal of prof. Martin van den Toorn, she received the ECLAS Lifetime Achievement Award.In 2020, she was elected to the honorary title of Professor Emerita. The booklet presents selected projects and some original drawings and sketches, shown at the exhibition. Some of the most significant projects, whether built, designed for competitions or not built, are illustrated with a number of contributions from different design phases to show the multi-layered tasks, and with the desire to show the complexity of the profession of landscape architect.It should be noted that the selection has been narrowed to landscape design projects and does not include the planning part of prof. Aničić’s opus.

At the exhibition her scientific contribution was shown by the selection of books and publications, and the educational one with the photographs from classes.We have prepared this booklet and this exhibition for you with joy and as a sign of gratitude to our professor and colleague, landscape architect Branka Aničić, hoping that the exhibition will contribute to a better insight into the value of her work and a better recognition of topics that landscape architects deal with and that we teach at the School of Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb. We believe that this booklet and the exhibition will both contribute to a better mutual understanding between landscape architects and related professions dealing with the design of all open spaces.

Written by assoc. prof. art. Stanko Stergaršek,
architect and Asst prof. Iva Rechner Dika, PhD, landscape architect

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