Call for Abstracts: Conference “LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE +20. Education, Research and Practice”, 2-4 November 2023, Thessaloniki, Greece

Call for Abstracts: Conference “LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE +20. Education, Research and Practice”, 2-4 November 2023, Thessaloniki, Greece

Call for abstracts

The Joint Postgraduate Program of studies in Landscape Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Architecture – School of Agriculture, welcomes you all to the new Conference “LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE +20. Education, Research and Practice”, to be held on 2-4 November 2023 in Thessaloniki!

Through this program, a number of events, conferences, symposiums, student competitions and workshops (, have been organized and its graduates are working in Greece and abroad, contributing substantially to the landscape design of public and private spaces of all kinds, landscape education and research.

Celebrating 20 years of presence of the Program, the first Master’s Degree of Landscape Architecture in Greece, a new conference entitled “Landscape Architecture +20. Education, Research and practice.” will take place in November 2023. This comes as a continuance of the first conference under the same title, in 2005, only 2 years after the beginning of the Program, which had an overwhelming attendance and response.

Landscape is a mirror of society, ecology and culture, expressed through its education, research and completed projects, but it is also a prism, through which one can envision and implement a thorough regeneration of spaces of every scale, with increased social, ecological and cultural value. The Conference “Landscape Architecture +20. Education, Research and Practice.” aims to present an account of 20 years of landscape study and actions in Greece and Europe and to become a springboard for the future.

The Conference is addressed to teachers and researchers of landscape architecture, architects, agronomists, foresters, land planners, civil engineers, artists who practice landscape architecture through their work, landscape architecture graduates and students. Authors are invited to submit their abstracts by 15 May 2023, by filling in the online submission form, covering one of the Conference’s Thematic Sections.

Due to the uniqueness of the profession, the multidisciplinary and variety of treatment, scale, and the holistic approach of landscape architecture, the conference is addressed to the following thematic sessions: landscape policy, landscape planning and design, natural, rural and suburban landscape, sustainable, resilient and energy saving landscapes, historical and cultural landscapes, territory/region, urban strategies, technical works and landscape, public space, green and blue infrastructures, parks and gardens.

Invited speakers well known for implemented projects or their academic and research contribution in Landscape Architecture will participate.

Just as the Conference of Landscape Architecture in 2005, offered new perspectives for Landscape Architecture in Greece, we hope that this one will also reflect our dedication to the landscape and its planning and design, through the quality it deserves (see Proceedings of the 1st Conference, 2005) and in accordance with international commitments (see Proceedings of Symposium, 2020, European Landscape Convention).

Please follow carefully the Abstract Submission Instructions, and use the Abstract Template which can be found on the Conference Website.



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