Call for Abstracts Scientific seminar ‘Accessibility and Connectivity of the 15-minute-city’ - deadline 8 September 2023

Call for Abstracts Scientific seminar ‘Accessibility and Connectivity of the 15-minute-city’ - deadline 8 September 2023

As part of the ACUTE (Accessibility and Connectivity knowledge hub for Urban Transformation in Europe) project and UERA’s Urban Accessibility and Connectivity TWG, seminar open to both academics and practitioners, will take place on 11 October 2023 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The contributors from academia and practice are invited to orally present their projects, discuss them and share their latest results and methods within the fields of Accessibility and Connectivity of the 15-minute-city:

  • Accessibility as a long term academic and operational concept
  • 15-minute-city as a renewing of accessibility planning approaches with temporal urbanism
  • 15-min-city, or X-min-city in the urban outskirts
  • The social dimension in the design and implementation of the 15-min-city
  • TOD and 15-minute-city
  • Time-based planning of cities
  • Accessibility and Sustainable mobility, the transport modes of 15-min-city
  • Inclusive design and development of 15-min-cities
  • Assessing the 15-min-city

The time allowed for each oral presentation would be 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of discussion. An open debate may be held at the end of the session. Presenters can use PowerPoint or PDF presentations as supporting material


The seminar goals and specificities, as a scientific seminar open to practitioners, consist in:

  • Developing the academic knowledge on the themes of Urban Accessibility and Connectivity
  • Developing a European-wide scientific community
  • Developing the access of practitioners to academic knowledge
  • Favouring networking between participants
  • Collect the concerns and needs of practitioners


15-minute-city; urban mobility and transport; urban accessibility and connectivity; transformative knowledge; dissemination, knowledge, and research management; stakeholder activation and involvement


To participate in the seminar, we recommend you to follow these three steps:

  1. First, refer to the participation guide (here)
  2. Then you have to submit an abstract (here) following the abstract guidelines (here) if you are planning to present your project. Please be aware that both scientists and practitioners can contribute
  3. Finally, do not forget to register (here) till 06 October

Please note that participation in this event is completely free of charge for all participants (whether they are presenters or attendees).

Important information and dates:

Please visit the event website for further details (,

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