Call for Participation The World in Florence International Festival World’s Cultural Expressions November 16-18, 2022

Call for Participation The World in Florence International Festival World’s Cultural Expressions November 16-18, 2022

IFLA EUROPE is proud to support The World in Florence International Festival World’s Cultural Expressions which will take place 16-18 November 2022.

The Festival is a 5 years-long project (2021-2025) that aims to enlarge worldwide the turnout of higher educational institutes and public administrations engaged in contributing to raise awareness, interpret and communicate the local cultural expressions of their sitesfor a not only sustainable, but also an inclusive, supportive and ethical progress of the communities they are part of.

At a time of inexorable globalisation, civil society in general and the younger generations in particular must take on the responsibility for deepening their knowledge of local identities and cultural diversities, contributing to their enhancement as key factors for local wealth and for the progress of the people-centred relations and the exchange of human experiences.

The program of the Festival in Florence includes:

− exhibition of the posters introducing the main cultural features of a site
− presentation of the cultural storytelling (on-line or in presence)
− 4 keynote lectures by specialists in the field of: heritage and hospitality enhancement in post-covid time; cultural enhancement and resiliency in time of climate, health and political crisis
− realisation of NFC (Near Field Communication) webpages for each cultural storytelling presented
− certificate of participation and appreciation for participants by the Festival’s Scientific Committee
− publication of a ISBN indexed digital catalogue by the “Life Beyond Tourism Editions”.

− Universities, academies, higher education institutes, with suitable working teams of students steered by a tutor(s)
− Libraries, cultural institutions, with their staff, members or users interested in the subject
− Public administrations and agencies for local tourism development with their specialists, staff or suitable working teams
− Other bodies and associations in the field of promotion of local heritage and tourism.

Each organisation participant is required to select a specific heritage site (natural or cultural), with its cultural expressions , and prepare:
1. a cultural storytelling by using text, pictures, videos, audios and others. On you will find the online form and guidelines for presenting the cultural storytelling. The outputs will be used for:
a) preparing a complete special web page dedicated to the heritage site selected
b) preparing the NFC content, that each single visitor of the exhibition in Florence can easily access by simply placing their mobile phone close to each poster
presented by the participant (see point 2 below)
c) preparing the content for the 2022 Festival catalogue.

2. 3 posters, to be exhibited during the Festival.

Each poster will be endowed with a NFC chip by the organisation of the Festival, that allows the visitors of the exhibition in Florence to access further information
regarding the subject of the poster itself .
3. a 15 minutes-long .PPT/.PDF presentation to be delivered during the program of the Festival.

NOTE: this output has to be sent to

- January 2022 launch of the Call for Participation
- 15 April 2022 deadline Early Bird fee: registration and payment of reduced fee
- 30 June 2022 deadline Standard fee: registration and payment of standard fee
- 30 July 2022 delivery of the output (cultural storytelling + 3 vertical posters)
- 10 October 2022 delivery of the .ppt/.pdf presentation.

Due to the worldwide sanitary situation, the 2022 edition of the Festival will be in “hybrid” format, the participation can be either in presence or on-line.

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