Call for two JoLA Articles Editors!

Call for two JoLA Articles Editors!

For the Journal of Landscape Architecture (JoLA), the Executive Committee of the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS) invites applications for two editor positions, with responsibility for research articles.

The deadline for applications is 31 January 2022.

We are seeking to appoint the new editors by 2 May 2022. This call contains the aims of JoLA, the main responsibilities of the editor positions, and a specification for the experience, skills and knowledge that applicants should bring to the post.

Read more here in the full call ( .

Editorial Team
Imke van Hellemondt
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Janike Kampevold Larsen
Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway
Sonia Keravel
École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage de Versailles, France
Anaïs Leger-Smith
Toulouse School of Architecture, France
Usue Ruiz Arana
Newcastle University, Great Britain
Ursula Wieser Benedetti
CIVA Brussels, Belgium

What is the role of the JoLA editor responsible for research articles?
• To work closely with the other editors of the editorial team, to maintain and advance standards, innovation and aims of the journal, and to take part in online and in person editorial meetings in different European locations.
• To promote JoLA to the wider academic community of landscape architecture and related disciplines and practices.
• Ideally: to attend the annual ECLAS conference.
• To cultivate submissions to all sections of the journal,
and especially the main section of research articles.
• To cultivate academic reviewers with an interest in both
traditional and experimental scholarly publishing in landscape architecture.
• To keep abreast of theoretical and design paradigms in landscape architecture.
• To develop a culture of critical reflection on the field of
landscape architecture research.
• To be committed to following detailed criteria and
deadlines for the editing and production processes

Terms and Conditions
The editors are appointed by the ECLAS Executive Committee,
and endorsed by the General Assembly. The term of an editor of JoLA is normally five years, with a possibility for an addi-tional five-year term. The position is unpaid, while travel and subsistence costs for a maximum of two editorial meetings in Europe from a European city are covered by ECLAS.

What is JoLA looking for in candidates for the editor positions?
Candidates will normally hold an academic post in landscape
architecture at a University or Institution in Europe. We are searching for candidates with research experience who publish in the field of landscape architecture. As the aim for the article section is to reflect the diversity of landscape architecture research, preference will be given to those who have a dynamic breadth of interest. We ask for a track record in both landscape architecture practice and academic research, though we are also open to early-career landscape architects/thinkers if they demonstrate such potential.Candidates should have some knowledge of the academic peer review process and some experience in reviewing papers for academic journals, and they will need good written communication skills and a good level of English. The editor position requires someone who will enjoy working closely with the editorial team and who has enthusiasm to help shape JoLA by upholding our mission to sustain a platform for innovative research at the practice/theory interface in landscape architecture and allied fields.

Applications for the Editor Position
Please send your application via e-mail with a single PDF
attachment set out in the following order:1. Contact/address details explaining your affiliation. A letter of application summarizing your interest in the editor position, relevant background and experience, and your aspirations for JoLA, and the approach you would bring to bear as a JoLA editor, in no more than 700 words (excluding word count for contact details).2. Academic Curriculum Vitae including publications, projects, exhibitions and highlighting your possible contribution to JoLA.3. One or two examples of articles you have published or submitted for publication in the last five years.4. A selection of two examples of research articles published in JoLA, with your own critical evaluation of each. Your commentary should be no more than 1,000 words in total.5. Two letters of recommendation.

E-mail your application as a single PDF attachment to Barbara Birli at

If you require further information about the position, or would
like to discuss your application prior to submission, please write to Imke van Hellemondt at

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