Carey Duncan receives the 2023 IFLA President’s Award

Carey Duncan receives the 2023 IFLA President’s Award

Presented at the opening ceremony of the IFLA’s world congress 2023 (Stockholm-Nairobi) taking place in safari park hotel Nairobi, on Thursday 28th September 2023 IFLA President Bruno Marques announced Landscape Architect Carey Duncan as the recipient of the 2023 IFLA president’s award.

The IFLA President’s Award is presented by the IFLA President as recognition of an outstanding individual who, through their voluntary efforts within IFLA, have made a fundamental difference to the global profession of landscape architecture.

This award is not only about celebrating excellence but also about acknowledging the profound difference that an unsung hero can make in our global community.

This year, IFLA shines a spotlight on an exceptional individual whose name has not always been in the international limelight, but whose contributions to the field have been nothing less than extraordinary, particularly the relentless energy of progressing the profession in the African Continent and beyond.

Carey Duncan is a landscape architect whose work is deeply rooted in her love for the natural world and her profound commitment to transforming landscapes into sustainable, culturally resonant, and community-centric spaces. Her portfolio reflects a rich tapestry of projects seamlessly merging innovation with tradition, environmental stewardship with cultural sensitivity, and global perspective with local context.

Yet, what sets Carey Duncan apart is not only her design prowess but also her tireless efforts within IFLA. This award is a testament to her voluntary dedication and the profound difference she has made within our organisation. From being a founding member of the Association des Architectes-Paysagistes du Maroc to being IFLA Africa Treasurer and then President, to taking part in many international juries, Carey has done it all. She has depth and breadth of knowledge that demands the highest standards of education, training, research and professional practice, and she is ready to provide leadership and stewardship in all matters.

This award is a recognition of her behind-the-scenes work, her advocacy for the principles of sustainability, her support for emerging talents, and her commitment to promoting the profession in Africa and beyond that may not always have the global spotlight.

In the award presentation in Nairobi, Bruno Marques mentioned: let us not only celebrate Carey Duncan’s remarkable achievements but also reflect on the incredible power of one individual to inspire change, even in the most far-reaching corners of the world. Her work serves as a reminder that, regardless of our geographical origins, we are bound together by a shared vision of enhancing the environments we inhabit.

Carey Duncan a true luminary in our field, whose dedication and passion have ignited positive change within IFLA and have left an undeniable mark on landscape architecture worldwide.

Carey Duncan in her IFLA President’s Awardee Speech expressed her heartfelt thanks to the IFLA President, Bruno Marques, and the ExCo for their consideration and appreciation of her contribution to IFLA.

She felt totally overwhelmed by the honour and thanked IFLA and her colleagues in Landscape Architecture around to world for enabling her to do what she loves best with the support of such a knowledgable and equally passionate community. She didn’t miss the opportunity to wish IFLA a happy 75th birthday!

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