“CHANGE” Annual Conference of the Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects NLA - Larvik, 17 September 2021

“CHANGE” Annual Conference of the Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects NLA - Larvik, 17 September 2021

Changes affect us as landscape architects. The big ideas, the urban development, the natural landscape and the built landscape are changing. Participating design and knowledge of ecology are tools in our work. Our view of aesthetics changes in step with the challenges.

Some changes are almost imperceptible, coming gently, little by little. Others come abruptly and as a shock.

Some changes have major consequences, so great that we can not fully imagine it. The most serious, climate change and loss of biodiversity, threaten the
planet itself. Changes that scare us. Both are the result of human activity.

Most changes can still be positive. We can learn from them. New ideas. New forms of collaboration. New use of our surroundings. New, close places to visit.
New meaning of urban spaces. Are we willing to change? Do we dare to challenge ourselves?


Gro Herheim: «Changes in the municipal landscape» - Larvik is on its way, but to what?

Thomas Hylland Eriksen: “The physical space as a scarce resource” - Appification, digitization and platforming in the shadow of the pandemic

Stig L. Andersson - «Extensive changes». Stig participates in streaming

Rune Skeie: “Can landscape architecture help us out of the climate and biodiversity crisis?” Through the parallel assignment for Dokken, Bergen, Rune will tell how landscape architects can contribute to solving the greatest challenges of our time.

Rolf-Erik Poppe: «Changes in nature and the natural landscape» Green heads and sustainable cities are all well and good, but what is happening in the great reality outside Ring 3?

Else Abrahamsen: «Working methods for a new era» About why we architects must be active drivers of change and the importance of democratic working methods.

Kathryn Gustafson: «Changes in the definition of Beauty» - About the constant changes we go through in relation to landscapes that are based on multiple factors such as knowledge

Sofa discussion with Gunnar Ridderström as moderator

“Landscape in change” - How can landscape architecture contribute to sustainable change?

Aina Aske: «The residence garden in Larvik - The rediscovery of a hidden and forgotten manor landscape»


- joint meeting outside Bølgen 15.15 - 17.45

City walk with food and music: «Hidden pearls and rough diamonds in the Inner Harbor and the Old Town»


Bølgen Kulturhus 19.15 - 23.00

Sparkling and mingling - Exhibition student competition

Awarding of the Landscape Architecture Prize 2021


Concert by Hedda Mae under the auspices of Vestre


For more information please visit NLA’s website: NLA Norske landskapsarkitekters forening - Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects

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