Conclusions from online symposium ‘Landscapes of Ukraine’ on 17 June 2022

Conclusions from online symposium ‘Landscapes of Ukraine’ on 17 June 2022

IFLA Europe and ECLAS together with University of Lviv, organised online event ‘Landscapes of Ukraine’ with the objective to introduce local landscapes and approaches in education and research to their planning, design and management. This symposium was organised with landscape architecture teachers and researchers from the Ukrainian National Forestry University in Lviv and their partners.

The goal was to share knowledge and to learn about the situation of landscapes and landscape architecture in Ukraine.

ECLAS and IFLA Europe focused on West Ukraine, but also covering some national aspects. Introduction to the Ukrainian landscape and their current approach to research and teaching was made. The Ukrainian Greenery was stressed and also the evolution of some cities and villages, solutions for urban densification and preservation of the cultural heritage.

The University is considering a platform for renovation after aggression, in a scientific approach, needing collaboration.

At the initial welcome Margarida Cancela d’Abreu, IFLA Europe Vice President for Education emphasised the special moment and reminded the common values that Landscape Architects share - integration, inclusiveness, cooperation, heritage and traditions, sustainability, respect for human rights and respect for landscape.

She stressed that Landscape Architects do not destroy - they create, build, rebuild and restore. And sometimes the dramatic situations of destruction represent opportunities to implement, to improve and to introduce new concepts, techniques and better knowledge.

All participants were reminded that Landscape Architecture deals with living elements, always keeping in mind that life is the most precious asset. She added that the themes of IFLA Europe Resolutions approved at the General Assemblies, addressed among others - Landscape Democracy, Landscape’s multi-culturality, Landscape as footprints on earth, Learning from Landscape, Unlimited Landscapes, Landscapes and shared Memories. These are values that IFLA Europe wish to share, and to which today we add the topics of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom.

Moderation through the meeting: Ellen Fetzer, ECLAS president.

10 00: Welcome notes.

10 15: Ukrainian Landscapes: Searching for identity in (post)traumatic times with Roman Lozynskyi

10 45: Formation and development of landscapes at the turn of the 20th century in Galicia, Ukraine, with Oksana Oleiniuk-Pukhnyak

11 15: Features of urbanized landscapes in the western regions of Ukraine with Lubomyr Parkhuts and Mykhailo Fitak

11 45: Digital networking break

12 15: Landscape architecture education in Ukraine: an overview and student perspectives

12 45: Landscape and Landscape Architecture Research in Ukraine. Focus topic: Problems of preservation of cultural landscapes in the Ukrainian Carpathians with Lubomyr Parkhuts

13 15 Parallel breakout sessions to deepen collaboration ideas in education and research

14 00 Concluding remarks and outlook on the next symposium

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