Conference around the Urban Tree, 21 October 2022

Conference around the Urban Tree, 21 October 2022

Conference around the urban tree, 21 October 2022

This October 21, the Spanish Association of Landscape Architects AEP, the Spanish Association of Arboriculture AEA and the Spanish Association of Public Parks and Gardens, organize a conference around the urban tree.

It is proposed with the idea of addressing the different complementary perspectives of the selection of plant material, urban planning and design (at different spatial scales), as well as maintenance and conservation in general and, in particular, of the system hidden in the ground.

The conference will take place in Madrid in the morning. With the following presentations:

Speaker 1: Dr. Andrew Hirons - Title: Ecosystem services as a resource for the selection and management of urban trees.
Speaker 2: Martí Franch - Title: “From sun to sun. A proposal for the green axes of Barcelona”
Speaker 3: Orjan Stäl - Title: The hidden landscape of the city. Roots and urban subsoil.

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