CrAFting Tomorrow’s Cities 26-28 February 2024

CrAFting Tomorrow’s Cities 26-28 February 2024

Join city representatives and policymakers from CrAFt Cities and the NEB Alliance to delve into the potential of local stakeholder collaboration to shape the future of climate-neutral cities.

The event CrAFting Tomorrow’s Cities represents a pivotal gathering for the CrAFt urban movement and our collective journey towards a more sustainable future for our cities and communities.

Started in 2022, Creating Actionable Futures (CrAFt) is funded by the Horizon Europe programme of the European Commission within the Cities Mission work programme. Inspired by the New European Bauhaus initiative, CrAFt uses the power of local collaborative methods to forge new pathways towards climate neutrality.

By joining our event in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 26 to 28 February 2024, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover how local collaboration can forge new pathways towards climate-neutral cities and communities, and connect your knowledge and experiences to CrAFt’s evidence base
  • Learn how the New European Bauhaus (NEB) Impact Model is being tested in CrAFt, NEB-STAR and Re-Value Cities, and how your city can become part of this experiment Participate in the official launch of the NEB Alliance Manifesto and meet its founding members
  • Visit CrAFt Sandboxes in Amsterdam by the hand of their protagonists: Marineterrein, Sluisbuurt and Pakhuis de Zwijger
  • Contribute to the ongoing debate about the role of arts and culture in the sustainable future of cities
  • Experience how cities can use intergenerational learning and cooperation with students to the advantage of their communities
  • Engage in a conversation with Dutch property developers and owners

  • Day 1 – Monday, 26 Feb
    Session 1 – CrAFt Showcase: CrAFting Tomorrow’s Cities will kick off by inviting attendees to delve into the magic of participation and storytelling, immersing themselves in the essence of CrAFt.

    Session 2 – NEB Alliance: In this session, we will formally introduce the NEB Alliance Manifesto, enriched by testimonials by CrAFt Cities and NEB Alliance partners. The session will be supported by a co-created exhibition of a positive, actionable future.

    Session 3 – Sandboxing Marineterrein: The CrAFt team will guide night owls through a captivating moonlit night walk, providing an intimate exploration of the pilot project at Marineterrein. Join us for an unforgettable session that blends innovation and immersive experiences.
    Session 1 – NEB Impact Model: This session will present a gamified approach to unleash creativity and foster collaboration. Together, we will navigate the dynamic landscape of transformation areas, creating exciting co-benefits and skillfully mitigating potential conflicts among stakeholders.

    Day 2 – Tuesday, 27 Feb
    Session 2 – Intergenerational Learning: CrAFt students will guide us through envisioning, fostering intergenerational learning, and celebrating the power of student voices. This collaborative experience will focus on kickstarting replicability processes, exploring innovative formats with partners in a consortium, and cultivating a shared vision for transformative education.

    Session 3 – The Role of Arts and Culture in Urban Development Governance: Participants will be invited to engage in a series of excursions in one of CrAFt’s pilot projects in Amsterdam: Sluisbuurt. They will witness firsthand how these arts and culture contribute to collaboration and forge a collective identity in a new neighbourhood. Participants will have the opportunity to choose one of the following options (max 20 people per option):
    Session 4 – New European Bauhaus and Urban Developers: How could the City of Amsterdam integrate NEB values to achieve climate neutrality despite soaring housing demands and limited resources? This session aims to engage a broader audience in discussing how NEB values can fast-track and guide urban transformation towards a sustainable and beautiful future for all.

      Art for Commoning” Tour: Discover artworks and art forms that have been developed and tested in Sluisbuurt to trigger collaboration in the neighbourhood.

      Visit to Broedplaats Baggerbeest: Learn more about the vision and role of the temporary pop-up incubator for artists. How do they contribute to the development of the neighbourhood, and how do they collaborate with the municipality and the community?

      “Art and Greening” Excursion: Visit the Garden Department run by alumni of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and learn about the development of the permaculture garden in co-creation with the neighbourhood. Explore how artists use the garden project for textile art and understand the long-term impact the garden project is meant to have on neighbourhood design.

      Workshop on Civic Participation in Urban Development Through Creative Methods: Experience the presentation and participatory methodology that involves future thinking and imagination.

    For more information, please visit

    This event is free of charge and it includes the following meals: dinner on Monday, lunch and dinner on Tuesday, and lunch on Wednesday, as well as coffee breaks throughout the event. CrAFt Cities’ participation is not mandatory but recommended as the programme includes time for the exchange of experiences between them and other project partners.

    The deadline for registrations is on Monday, 12 February 2024.

    Should you have any questions regarding the event, contact us at

    Practical information

    Event location
    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS)
    Wibautstraat 5a
    1091 GH Amsterdam

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