Danish Landscape Architect Kirsten Lund-Andersen recieved ‘Europa Nostra Award 2023!

Danish Landscape Architect Kirsten Lund-Andersen recieved ‘Europa Nostra Award 2023!

We are proud to announce that Kirsten Lund-Andersen, member of Danish Landscape Architects (Danske Landskabarkitekter) has recieved ‘Europa Nostra Award 2023’.
Europa Nostra Award is an award that appreciate Europe’s cultural heritage and landscape values.

Prince Henrik’s Europa Nostra Prize goes this year to Landscape Architect MDL, Kirsten Lund-Andersen, owner of the drawing studio Kirsten Lund-Andersen’s Drawing Studio.

Kirsten was honored for her work with Danish garden culture over many years. For the past 25 years, her design studio has been an adviser to the Danish Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Office for Building Conservation, and has solved many tasks of particular cultural-historical and architectural value. In addition to her practice, Kirsten was chairman of the Garden and Landscape Committee of the National Association for Building and Landscape Culture from 1996-2021 and is still an active member and has thus helped raise a number of conservation proposals for independent landscape architectural works.

Kirsten Lund-Andersen is also a member of PLR (Council of Practicing Landscape Architects) and for a number of years their representative on DL’s board of directors. In PLR, they fought for an agreement on fee rules and a description of our professional competences with the Ministry of Housing.

The award ceremony took place on Tuesday 14 June in the Brøndsalen in the Royal Horticultural Society’s garden in Frederiksberg. Landscape architect Christine Waage Rasmussen from SLKS gave a talk about the historic garden culture, then ethnologist Siri Daa Funder gave a talk about Real Dania’s project “Manors”, and Bente Scavenius presented Prince Henrik’s Europa Nostra Prize 2023 to Kirsten Lund Andersen.

Europa Nostra’s purpose

Europa Nostra aims to help protect Europe’s cultural heritage and landscape values ​​and to promote the awareness and understanding of European cultural heritage as broadly as possible. “A voice for the appreciation of cultural values ​​in Europe” is Europe’s most important task. Europa Nostra will increase the appreciation of the national heritage and at the same time make the European cultural heritage the property of everyone. In a globalized world, cultural heritage is crucial for understanding and respecting Europe’s citizens. It brings us closer together, independent of our cultural, religious or ethnic background and across national and linguistic borders. The cultural heritage builds a bridge between the past, the present and the future.

Europa Nostra Denmark is the local organization that protects Denmark’s building and landscape culture. In 1991 a Danish private organization was founded under the name Dania Nostra. It was later changed to Europa Nostra Denmark. In 1999, the organization was established as a non-commercial fund with a fund.

Europa Nostra Denmark’s purpose is:

– to preserve Denmark’s architectural and landscape cultural heritage
– to work for a high architectural standard in urban and landscape culture
– to promote and enhance the quality of traditional building crafts
– to work for improvement of the environment

Europa Nostra Denmark is working for this development by influencing public opinion. It takes place through awards, seminars and hearings, publications and articles, exhibitions, study tours and scientific publications.

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