Danish Landscape Architects Annual Report 2023-24

Danish Landscape Architects Annual Report 2023-24

The Association of Danish Landscape Architects has just released the annual report of 2023-24.


In this, you will find the board’s report, business plan, and pictures from the eventful past year.

The yearbook also contains information on finances and member development as well as reports from all of the important professional councils and committees in which DL is represented.

Among these, you can find the international report from IFLA Europe and IFLA World written by IFLA delegate Elzélina Van Melle


“The year 2023/2024 has been another year both for landscape architecture and for Danske Landscape Architects. With a strong focus on the subject’s importance in solving climate and biodiversity issues, we have continued our mission to promote sustainable development through landscape architecture. Among the year’s highlights have

been a multitude of exciting association activities and innovative events that have helped to shape our course and direction. We have had inspiring debates about the blue-green well-being and held strategy seminars with focus on our future direction as an association. We have had a significant focus on sustainability and climate adaptation, which is reflected in our courses, seminars and practical initiatives. Through important events such as tours, courses, seminars and participation in consultations, we have strengthened our commitment and visibility in society. At the same time we have continue our efforts for member recruitment, retention and strengthening of our internal work and economy. You can read about all that and much more in this report.”

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