IFLA Europe representatives at ECLAS Online Conference Stop-and-Think 13-15 September 2021

IFLA Europe representatives at ECLAS Online Conference Stop-and-Think 13-15 September 2021

ECLAS Conference Stop & Think

The Role of the Landscape Architect Profession in the Light of Global Changes



Urszula Forczek-Brataniec, IFLA Europe Past Secretary General and Professor at Cracow University of Technology and Margarida Cancela d’Abreu, IFLA Europe Vice President for Education, will be the moderators at the ECLAS Stop and Think Conference, in roundtable on Monday 13 September 15:00- 16:30

The topic concerns the issues of education and professional practice of landscape architects. Based on the IFLA Europe materials, data on IFLA Europe recognised schools and the status of the regulation of the profession will be presented.

Against this background, the current condition of the profession in Europe and its prospects will be marked. In the face of climate and environmental changes, the profession of Landscape Architect dedicated precisely to these problems is entering a new level. A very important task is its strong grounding in this context and the
development of specialization in these areas.

The problems outlined will be illustrated by the IFLA Europe exhibition whose theme was to highlight the participation of landscape architects in contemporary design. In particular, their role in shaping continuous environmental and spatial systems underpinning their functioning

Being aware of the state of education and regulation of the Landscape Architecture profession, we should think how to strengthen the role of landscape architects in shaping space and how the current designing and planning challenges should affect education.

Today Landscape Architecture is facing new challenges, it must consider: the increased diversity of the profession, to address the needs of a changing world and contemporary society; the new definitions of Landscape Architecture; the efforts going on for European and International automatic recognition of the profession.

To meet the current demands of the profession in relation to relevant issues requiring action by the LA - sustainable, biodiversity-rich landscapes and land uses, landscape democracy, health, safety, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Green Deal, Nature Based Solutions, New European Bauhaus initiative, among others - we need to be comprehensive and demanding.

Our discussion will concern the issue of practicing a profession and education. How we professionals can adapt to future challenges. How can we take advantage of the great opportunity for our profession created by contemporary conditions? Are we ready for it to meet the challenges of the modern approach to design?

What role will education play in this? While it is true that the richness of Europe lies in national differences and diversity of programmes, it is also important to recognise that there must be a certain degree of harmonization. Agreeing on a set of core levels of expertise and skills will facilitate the movement of students across Europe and
will certainly contribute to the efforts going on for automatic recognition of the profession. So far we have endeavoured to prepare students to understand, plan and design landscapes, whose situation and transformation we had a good command of. In the future we have to prepare students to face different challenges, which today we cannot fully predict.

15:00 – welcome

15:05-15-10 – Presentation of the participants

15:10 – Introduction_professional practice _ Urszula Forczek-Brataniec, Urszula Forczek-Brataniec, IFLA Europe Past Secretary General and Professor at Cracow University of Technology

15:20 – Introduction_Education_ Margarida Cancela d’Abreu, IFLA Europe Vice President for Education

15:30 – guest panelist presentation

15:35 Dr Ioana Tudora, IFLA Europe, Delegate of AsoP Romania and Professor at Landscape Architecture Department of University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest

15:40 Dr Karen Foley, University College Dublin, Head of Landscape Architecture

15:45 Dr Salma Samaha, Chair of Education and Academic Affairs, IFLA World, member of LELA - Lebanese Association of Landscape Architects

15:50 Jacob Kamp – 1:1 Landskab, Landscape Architect, outstanding designer winner of many awards and distinctions

15:55 Dr Klara Salzmann, Landscape Architect, Czech Association of Landscape Architects

16;00 Dr Anna Staniewska, Cracow University of Technology, Chair of Landscape Architecture

16:05 – Discussion

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