ELASA annual meeting 2022 in Rapperswil, Switzerland, 14-22 August 2022 ‘Transforming Landscapes’!

ELASA annual meeting 2022 in Rapperswil, Switzerland, 14-22 August 2022 ‘Transforming Landscapes’!

Application will open in the first week of April!

IFLA Europe is proud to announce and support 2022 ELASA annual meeting ‘Transforming Landscapes’ which will take place 14-22 August 2022 in Rapperswil, Switzerland!

ELASA - European Landscape Architecture Student Association - promotes cooperation, exchange and mobility of all European students within the association and also gives support for developing landscaping ideas and concepts across Europe. This summer, Switzerland will become the first host country for an annual ELASA meeting
since 2019. Due to the pandemic the meetings were cancelled for the last two years.

ELASA 2022 - the 9 days meeting will welcome students from more than 10 countries around Europe. The association itself has around 1000 members and operates in a close connection with IFLA Europe - the European Region of International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA EUROPE) and the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS). Each year an annual meeting (summer) and a smaller mini-meeting (spring) are arranged. Every meeting is organised in a different
country by landscape architecture students of a university from that country.
We hope to bring back the ELASA spirit after this long break.

ELASA shapes landscape architecture students from all over Europe. Each country is represented by a country representative. Led by a Representative in meetings of the European and global professional and educational landscape architecture organizations like IFLA EUROPE and ECLAS.

These meetings are really important for ELASA because this is one of the main ways of keeping communication, sharing information and planning the next meetings. Our Swiss National Association of Landscape Architecture BSLA/FSAP is fully supporting ELASA!

We encourage our National Associations to share this information among their members and their Student Associations!

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