EURACADEMY Online 19th Summer Academy “Regenerative Agriculture. A bold step towards  sustainability” 7-9 September 2021

EURACADEMY Online 19th Summer Academy “Regenerative Agriculture. A bold step towards sustainability” 7-9 September 2021

The theme: How can rural communities commit themselves to a sustainable future by practicing Regenerative Agriculture?

According to the UN 1nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history, with the pace of species extinctions accelerating at pace. Additionally the world’s topsoil is being degraded at phenomenal rates, as about one-third is already acutely degraded, and a complete degradation is expected to occur in many parts of the world within the next 60 years if current agricultural practices continue. Without protecting and regenerating the soil on the world’s farmlands, pastures and forests, it will be nearly impossible to feed the world, keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, or halt the loss of biodiversity.

The term “Regenerative Agriculture” is often used to describe practices aimed at promoting soil health and sustaining the productive capacity of farmland.According to Regeneration International, Regenerative Agriculture describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity resulting in both carbon draw down and improving the water cycle.2It is therefore important that farmers and farmers’ advisors are properly informed about the benefits of Regenerative Agriculture practices and the issues and difficulties involved in such practices, so that they make the best choices in managing farming and grazing land in the most sustainable way. The 19thSummer Academy of Euracademy Association aims to explore how Regenerative Agriculture practices can be introduced and sustained by landowners and rural communities. We will consider how progressing towards Regenerative Agricultural practice scan have a positive impact on climate change and biodiversity, while local economies are enhanced by stable employment and income.

The 19thSummer Academy welcomes participants from all over Europe who are working in the field of rural development. For this year’s Summer Academy, we are specifically targeting farmers and farmers’ associations, advisors, managers and staff of Local Development Agencies, LEADER LAGs and NGOs working in rural areas,other animators of rural development,local and regional authorities or similar organisations, policy and decision makers in the fields of agriculture and

Francesca Neonato, Professor in environmental and applied Botany at the Polytechnic of Milan, member of AIAPP Italy and Chair of the IFLA Europe “Agricultural Landscapes Working Group”, Italy, will participate with presentation on “Holistic Approach as a Strategic Tool in Sustainable Rural Landscape Planning”

You will find here the Programme of the event.

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A multi-national, inter-disciplinary team of university teachers, researchers and consultants of rural development worked together for 3 years in the Euracademy project with the central aim to promote in a real, practical and substantial way the sustainable development processes in rural areas. They developed and piloted with great success two educational packages including Summer Academies, Distance Learning courses and publications. In this context, the project partners have decided to formally establish a non-profit membership organisation to take forward and expand the philosophy and activities of the project. The Euracademy Association was formally launched during the end-of-project conference in November 2003 in Hungary.

The core vision of the Euracademy Association is to promote capacity building in rural areas and mobilise animators and managers of rural development by offering them the opportunity to improve their skills, widen their experience, expand their professional qualifications, starting a personal itinerary of lifelong learning and providing ample
space for networking and cooperation in the framework of European projects.

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