European Heritage Hub Headlines

European Heritage Hub Headlines

Welcome to the very first issue of the European Heritage Hub Headlines! For those not yet familiar with the Hub, it is an EU-funded pilot project bringing together heritage actors and initiatives across Europe to support the green, digital and social transformation of our society. It is run by a consortium of 20 partners led by Europa Nostra.

Since the Hub launched in May 2023, much has happened. At the end of September we held our first public event in Venice, which gathered over 1,700 participants in person and online. During this event we introduced a call to put culture and heritage at the heart of climate action at COP28. In the meantime, together with other partners, we have expanded this initiative as a global campaign with almost 1,000 signatories. We have also received additional EU-funding to ensure the Hub activities are duly covering the whole of Europe. Last but not least, we launched the Hub website and are active on social media.

We are also opening submissions to join the European Heritage Hub Community of Practice. Members of the Hub Community will have access to a number of events throughout the year and an online community platform to be launched in January 2024.

The Hub should be beneficial to all. Below we have prepared a curated selection of events, interesting news and opportunities across the sector. If you have an announcement you would like to highlight, please get in touch.

Read on to find out more!

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