FERN 2019 Report published!

FERN 2019 Report published!

Fern’s 2019 Annual Report covers the recent past: a period which will be viewed as belonging to a different era. Yet while COVID-19 changed the world with startling speed, it’s also underlined the urgency of the message many of us have stressed for years. We must protect and restore our natural world, and allow nature to run wild in our forests, not infect our hospitals. Pandemics, as the United Nations and World Health Organisation reported last week, are the result of humanity’s destruction of nature, and the world has ignored this reality for decades. Epidemiologists recently wrote to the European Commission to remind them of this.

As such, despite being from a different time, our 2019 Annual Report covers issues that are as topical as ever.

The world’s forests, and the rights of many who depend on them, remained under assault last year. These attacks came from many directions: from the erosion of environmental and human rights protections in Brazil under President Jair Bolsonaro, to the Amazon fires; from the EU’s devastating bioenergy policy, to its raft of Free Trade Agreements with forested countries to increase our insatiable consumption of products that drive deforestation; from a lack of secure tenure rights for people depending on forests for their survival, to failures of transparency and accountability in the forest sector…

This report charts the work that Fern and our partners in Africa, South East Asia, South America, Europe and the USA, are doing to combat these threats, and to protect the rights of forest peoples.

It features articles by our campaigners, and interviews with our partners, Paulo Barreto in Brazil, and Nina Cynthia Kiyindou in the Republic of Congo. It also has a valedictory message from the outgoing Chair of our Board, Elisa Peter. We’re grateful for her immense commitment and acumen over the years.

This report reminds us that however great the challenges we face, there are many people around the world working to bring about lasting change on the ground – and succeeding in doing so. We must never lose sight of this, as we continue to campaign to protect and restore the world’s forests, and the strengthen the rights of those who depend on them.

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