FFP France - 27 exceptional landscape architecture projects for COP27

FFP France - 27 exceptional landscape architecture projects for COP27

In the context of the emergency linked to global warming, to the loss of bio-diversity and the reduction of our natural resources, the French Landscape Federation (Fédération Française du Paysage) and all of its members, landscape architects, wish to bring their knowledge and know-how to do to respond effectively to the challenges of the ecological transition.

Trained in the design of landscapes, whether urban or rural areas, landscape architects are called upon to respond in their projects to very concrete concerns of elected officials, like the profusion of heat islands in the city, disasters created by runoff water or marine submersion, the risk of fire, the loss of biodiversity, the disappearance of productive land…

In relation to Climate COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, FFP presents 27 projects already made by landscape architects which are aligned with the international community climate guidelines. These 27 projects conserve resources, promote biodiversity, encourage living together and improve health while re-enchanting the living environment.

All members of the French Landscape Federation stand alongside the elected officials and State services to contribute to the preservation of our planet.

Henri Bava, FFP President

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