First Episode of “Sharing stories webinar series” on 28 February

First Episode of “Sharing stories webinar series” on 28 February

EUROPA Nostra is excited to launch the “Sharing stories webinar series” as part of the Cultural Heritage in Action EU-funded project – of which three Alliance members are proud partners. This webinar series will showcase leading cultural heritage initiatives which are driving sustainable urban and regional development in European cities and regions. Each episode will clearly demonstrate the opportunities for cities and regions in contributing to innovative, impactful, and sustainable cultural, environmental, social and economic territorial processes. Participants will hear from a range of inspirational examples and experienced speakers and have the opportunity to ask their questions and share their ideas.

Don’t miss Episode 1 “Learning through, with and about cultural heritage: education, training and literacy in European cities and regions“. The webinar will take place on 28 February, from 14.00 to 15.30, fully online.

This webinar will explore the interrelations between cultural heritage, education, training and literacy: how can local cultural heritage promote new learning environments and help strengthen key competencies such as literacy, language, cultural awareness and engagement? How can cities and regions support learning through, with and about cultural heritage?

Featured Case- studies

  • The Helsinki Culture Leap public programme for schools increased the amount of Cultural Education Plans
  • In Leeuwarden, the Story Valley Erasmus+ project lets oral history meet with innovative and creative techniques of
  • In Edinburgh, the Culture United project (also Erasmus+) is built on cultural events and heritage festivals. It is

Themes and challenges to be discussed during the webinar

  • Participatory approaches in cultural heritage education activities: do’s and don’ts
  • What are the ingredients to set up good partnerships on cultural heritage between municipalities and educational institutions?
  • How to tackle challenges of literacy, multilingualism & cultural awareness through cultural heritage projects?
  • While promoting local cultural heritage, how to tackle challenges and opportunities linked to cultural education, such as engaging with schools and teachers?
  • Sneak peek into the power of European funding programmes for projects around education and cultural heritage
  • Learn about the EU year of youth 2022, its objectives and opportunities
  • And more!

More information here.

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