“Gardens, Landscape, and Nature’s Genius” by Gilles Clément now available in English!

“Gardens, Landscape, and Nature’s Genius” by Gilles Clément now available in English!

Gilles Clément occupies a special global position at the crossroads between philosophy, ecology, art, and landscape architecture and he has over the years contributed a number of seminal concepts: ‘The Planetary Garden’, ‘The Third Landscape’, ‘A Humanist Ecology’, and ‘The Garden in Motion’. His work has been driven by the dictum of “always work with nature, never against her.”

This book, Gardens, Landscape, and Nature’s Genius, is a straight forward way to Gilles Clément’s key concepts and a rare opportunity to access his original mindset and gain insight into a place of inspiration and co-creation with nature. Clément’s words and work are more relevant now than ever, presenting a tremendously powerful and relevant impetus for rethinking our present and future relationships with nature, garden culture, and sustainability.

The text is originally written in 2011 as Clément’s inaugural lecture at the prestigious Collège de France in Paris now being translated into English for the first time. The text is accompanied by Clément’s own illustrations and a selection of new photographs from his garden in Creuse –, his remarkable planetary laboratory, by the artist Maria Finn, the architect Anna Aslaug Lund, the landscape architect Laura Parsons and the landscape architect and translator Elzélina Van Melle.

The book is the first item of a new book series: the IKAROS Landscape Series edited by IKAROS Press who aims at creating a platform for dissemination of writing which supports thinking, perception and awareness of the landscape in which we live.

You can purchase the book as both printed/bound and or Epub, through the editors’ website IKAROS Press.

ISBN: 978-87-92614-12-4

76 pages, 18.0 x 12.0 cm, bounded, richly illustrated.

Translated by Elzelina Van Melle

Features photographs from La Vallée by Maria Finn, Anna Aslaug Lund, Laura Kate Parsons and Elzélina Van Melle

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