Hunter Industries releases 10th annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Hunter Industries releases 10th annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report

In their 10th-annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Hunter Industries reflect on their wins and challenges while sharing their vision to achieve future goals. From product sustainability to community development, learn more about how we’re balancing People, Planet, and Profit.

Hunter Industries is committed to supporting and improving the communities where we live, work, and play. Hunter Industries and its Family of Companies are proud to encourage a culture that celebrates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and we continually strive to improve our programs. We believe in the triple bottom line, which focuses on People, Planet, and Profit. This special component of our culture started with one of our founders, Ann Hunter-Welborn, and is carried on today by our employees, board members, leadership teams, customers, and partners.

A Word from Hunter Industries CEO, Greg R. Hunter

At Hunter Industries, 2021 was a year of reflection.

Today, I look back proudly at both our 40-year history of industry leadership and our 10-year commitment to transparency through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting. Across the globe, we experienced challenges big and small. To adapt, we relied on our core values to overcome another difficult year. Despite the uncertainty,
we doubled down on our CSR commitments. I am excited to celebrate our achievements with a renewed strategy and dedication to our CSR goals. When I was eight years old, I spent the summer with my grandparents. It was then that I had the chance to build my very first sprinkler — on a carousel that wasn’t yet working. That was the moment I fell in love with Hunter Industries, and this company has been my lifelong journey ever since. I am honored to stand on the shoulders of my aunt, uncle, and father as we reflect on our progress. Of course, everything we’ve accomplished is because of you, our stakeholders. The success of Hunter Industries is due to our loyal
customers, our hardworking employees, and the diverse vendors, suppliers, and partners we have done business with over the past four decades.

Although Hunter Industries is steeped in the consistency of our relationships, we also continue to shape our industry with new solutions and transformational initiatives. Our core value of Innovation guides us to develop better ways of doing things, from manufacturing to customer support. Now more than ever, we are embedding CSR into our culture. This will help us ensure that our products and processes remain as efficient and socially responsible as possible in the years ahead. As we reflect on our past and celebrate our successes, we also look to our future. We take seriously our obligation to play a leading role in our industry when it comes to CSR initiatives. I look
forward to the day 40 years from now when I can reflect on the decisions we made today to build a brighter tomorrow”

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