ICLEI - New book inspires uptake of nature-based solutions

ICLEI - New book inspires uptake of nature-based solutions

A new book has been released that seeks to inspire cities to co-create nature-based solutions. The book, called “Making Urban Nature Bloomand which was coordinated by ICLEI Europe, shares stories, insights and cases from co-creative processes for nature-based solutions in six European cities, including ICLEI Members Barcelona (Spain), Malmö(Sweden), and Utrecht (the Netherlands).

The book tells the stories of the four years, nearly a hundred stakeholder meetings, and Urban-Regional Innovation Partnerships these cities undertook in their co-creative processes to integrate nature-based solutions into local projects, plans and policies.

By telling their stories, the book ensures that others can learn fromthe partnerships they painstakingly built and have sustained. Furthermore, beautiful as this book may be, it doesn’t gloss over thechallenges that were encountered and overcome along the way.

The book aims to inspire all to undertake their own collaborative journeys to view their cities’ nature as the foundation for sustainable urban futures.

The processes catalogued and analysed through the book were undertaken as part of the NATURVATION project, in which ICLEI Europe is a partner.

Read the book here.

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